Can’t Move On..!!

Remember, sometime back I had made a mention of a Loser sending me Mails..? For years now..?

I have failed to dissuade him till now. From dealing with him rudely to ignoring him to abusing him to.. any ideas please..? The weirder, the better.

I had blissfully cycled on my Exercising Cycle for over an hour, washed and warmed my food. Just before sitting to dine, that voice over my shoulder told me to check the Facebook profile. There it was..!!

A notification

I reach my Tagged Photo Gallery

Scroll Down..



Just when I had tried to breathe thinking he was gone for good- I get this..

What business does he have to Troll around my account? Someone PLEASE hold his hand and make him move ON. Away..

Either ways, do I really need to explain my “understanding” of things? To maintain a profile in FB, perhaps I need to obtain his permission. Oh, make that due permission.

Just why can’t a few people leave my “Tail” and walk away? Now you know who is “living” in the past.

Edit Note- 11th November, 2010: Every 10 odd days, I receive an invite to join some obsolete SNS site from him, under his brother’s name.

Consistent Pursuance

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6 Responses to Can’t Move On..!!

  1. Since you do seem to have something unexplainable in the way things happen for you, why not try wishing him well with a calm mind, devoid of all irritations? Put yourself in his place and forgive yourself and pray that the inclination to move on and find happiness becomes stronger by the second, minute, hour and day . Everybody deserves to be happy. He has unfortunately mistaken that it lies in your environs. Just guide him with the goodintentioned power of your mind, as you would if he were a close and dear friend. Is that too much advice ? Ignore it, if it be:-)

    • Olivia says:

      Noway, you talk only sense! Only it’s been since 2007 that he is chasing me- I mean why can’t he have a life really?
      He has irritated me no end. I have tried all from anger, hate, indifference to talking it out several times with a calm mind…………………………………

      Perhaps he reads this and stops the further course of crappy stuff..
      Hugs my dear xo

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