The 3 Beauty Queens

Originally Published on: Sep 3, 2010 @ 0:25, on my other Blog. Now shifted here.


I wonder; why I didn’t compile this before. Reading through celebrity look-alikes, and commenting; as if I got a push to press this.

I had wanted to do this since a long time now. I noticed this when young. Exactly when Madhuri Dixit had entered the Indian Film Industry. Mom was an ardent Suchitra (of the Suchitra- Uttam fame) fan. I adored Madhubala. My joys knew no bound when Mughal-e-azam was redone in color. I had always wanted to see “her” in color..!! Who would not know of her charismatic smile anyways?

Here are some pics that I could google. I had and still feel an uncanny resemblance amongst the three.

Here mom, remember we had talked about this?

Madhu Bala- Suchitra Sen

Suchitra Sen- Madhuri Dixit
Madhu Bala- Suchitra Sen
Madhuri Dixit- Madhu Bala
Madhu Bala- Suchitra Sen
Madhuri Dixit- Madhu Bala- Madhuri Dixit
Suchitra Sen- Madhu Bala
Madhuri Dixit- Suchitra Sen
Madhu Bala- Madhuri Dixit
Suchitra Sen- Madhu Bala
Madhu Bala- Suchitra Sen- Madhuri Dixit

What say readers? Don’t they look so much like each other?

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30 Responses to The 3 Beauty Queens

  1. sitaram says:

    Don’t even dream of comparing madhuri dixit or any one else with these two unique iconic actresses.

  2. Konstanze Khan says:

    Suchitra Sen much Looks like her, Madhubala ji but Madhuri Dixit no Match to Madhubala .. They Just Look the same in different persona.

  3. Malini Banerjee says:

    Yes , they do. Three glamorous heroines. Suchitra Sen, representing dignity and regality, Madhuri Dixit , the perfect version of a modern classic beauty, mind you her charm is essentially democratic sans the regality of Mrs. Sen. My or rather our Madhubala is more like a vision. Neither regality, nor a next door girl look, she will sweep you off your feet with her dream like charm. Her beauty as an asexual appeal unlike those of the other two, which makes her almost angel like.

  4. Kaushal Bharadwaj says:

    Hey mam thank u for uploading this wonderful treasure of beauty .
    Personally my opinion is The Great Shri Madhubala ji or Mumtaz Jehan Begum Dehlavi she was so beautiful that many veteran actors like Shammi Kapoor often forgot their dialogues but sadly she didn’t had a very good personal life and ventricular septal defect or hole in her heart took her life and even her grave is demolished . Although she had a tragic , very short life but in that life she gave us true example of beauty . So with legendary Shri Suchitra ji , may her soul rest in peace ( As today is her death aniverssary) and Madhuri ji
    Please upload more content on Madhubala ji one of the most beautiful lady in the world
    Best Regards


    You are absolutely correct

  6. Anubhav says:

    I love Madhuri a lot. Greatest Actress of All time. She is extremely Beautiful

  7. Mawa khan says:

    Madhuri dixit is most beauty queen of bollywood.

  8. Mawa khan says:

    Madhuri dixit is one of my favorite actress she is really beautiful and related actress of all time. She looks like madhubala and suchitra.But I am die heart fan of only madhuri dixit.

  9. rayeen nooralam says:

    Madhuridixit my all time favorite actress
    I love madhuri

  10. Booleyzoo says:

    Never thought madhuri looks anything like madhubala.

  11. Hameeda says:

    When Madhuri entered Bollywood, no one had seen such beauty since the days of Suchitra Sen and Madhubala. She is a combination of both of these screen legends.
    Madhuri is one of Bollywood’s most influential actresses of all time.
    but my vote is for Madhuri Dixit

  12. Hameeda says:

    Madhuri Dixit is like a rose (flower)
    Madhuri Dixit is my all time favourite

  13. Mehdi Rahi says:

    There is something in the voice of Suchitra Sen. Her personality is in different class. both Madhubala, Suchitra Sen are the top most beautiful women in Indian film history, there is some similarities in their face..mala singha also looks little bit like them

  14. Eric says:

    Since they are all of similar genetic and cultural background, it’s no surprise that their appearances are so similar. After all, they were chosen from the same ‘ideal’ of beauty.

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  17. Paras says:

    Madhubala is the cutest… She is perfect blend of everything..

  18. Ruchi says:


  19. They really do look alike! I was going to say how beautiful Madhuri Dixit is, but seeing as how Suchitra Sen and Madhu Bala look exactly the same…they’re all beautiful!

    • Olivia says:

      Hey, I am glad you liked it.. Thats right. Suchitra Sen was angelic and Madhu Bala- divine. Her iconic smile is still incomparable. She has been (is no more- we lost her to cancer) raised to a Diva’s level.

      • Arnab says:

        Madhuri is beauty queen, but all her photos with advanced make up and edited by photoshop, where Madhubala and Suchitra get minimum make up and no photoshop that time.
        Madhuri is charming, her smile is million dollars. Madhubala is really divine, look at her expression in the song ‘Mohe panghat pe’ its just speechless and Suchitra is all together, her heavenly smile, with soft but sharp appeals and angelic beauty specially without make up in old bengali movies, is ultimate. They are real Indian beauties of the century.

        • Olivia says:

          So well said Arnab!
          Yes, with the advent of PS, anyone can stand up or out as a beauty queen!
          I still see so much resemblance in all the 3 fairies (sigh)

          Hugs xoxo

      • NUSRAT JAHAN says:

        I noticed it a long time ago. Never thought madhuri looks like them though madhuri is pretty in her own way. But shuchitra Sen and Madhubala are doppelganger, almost like sisters. Madhubala’s eyes are more beautiful though. There is an old bangladeshi actress suborna Mustafa, looks a lot like shuchitra , u can check

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