Welcoming Winters

It’s been 2 weeks since the season change has become more apparent. Every day is becoming shorter. It used to be lit till 7.45pm; now it’s lit only till 6.45pm.. Ditto in the mornings too. It lits later than 5.30am. Evenings, I hear those “winter bugs” screeching. I kind of like the sound. It sets me in the mood. To welcome winters.. To enjoy the “cold”..

I yearn for the change.

Summers are not so good (appreciate my being polite in expressing my hatred for the season). Sweat, heat, dust, power cuts.. Hot water in taps through over- head tanks. No flowers, no lush- green vegetation. Most of the time, I keep anxious. I just can’t stand creepy crawlies in my house. You won’t find one either; at any time. I take those as nasty predators moving around. Yucks.. sick..!! My house is completely dust proof; not as much as an ant can also sneak in.

I try all possible ways to block them out and away. Even if it means moving around the house without the lights switch on. It’s a huge house- almost a corner plot. No houses around in the near distance. Huge windows and glass walls add to the serenity. Not only these push in a lot of natural day- light; but also, open my eyes to beautiful green surroundings. I haven’t blocked either with useless curtains. It works likewise with the street- light in the evenings.

While the much “mis-celebrated” Valentine’s day and Holi marks the onset of summers, right through the rains and Rakhi; the winter approaches rhythmically and softly. No sooner that I start enjoying the Chills (or the absence of those), they are gone..!! The festivals as if all add towards the celebrations of the season.

The Fall marks its presence by scattering yellow- brownish leaves all around. Where ever you have greens; you would see them all covered with ocher colored leaves. This is the time when “season flowers” germinate. It’s heavenly to step out and move around. You can wear anything that you would want to; without feeling hassled about the temperature and comfort.. or discomfort.

The thirsty greens too spring out newer shoots as if wanting the winter to caress them. A lot of greens go hibernating in winters (adenium). You just need to sit them inside, they won’t ask for water throughout winters!!

Oh yes.. marriages too are “fixed” in the winter time. I guess, apart from the other equally important reasons 😉 ; it has to do with the auspicious time. So what I am saying is- there’s so much to enjoy about in winters.

Watching “Home Alone”, all by yourself, in winters.. some drinks.. Heavenly..!!

Drinks.. they taste so much better in chills 🙂

I haven’t witnessed snowing yet. Have been to Patni Top once.. only after a day of snowing and then on my way to Jammu and up to Vaishno Devi; the entire way was covered in snow. It was so slippery- ouchh.. I had freaked out to say the least.

The very thought of winters approaching, turns me into a Lively Soul. No points for guessing- summers turn me into a Dead Soul 😦

How am I celebrating it this time..? By cycling.. 😀 WHAT..!@#$@

I am 33 (so what about it..?) and now learning to pedal (pssst: that’s an exercising bike, so I don’t have to worry about balancing on slim wheels :P) LOL. It’s pretty queer that I am learning things, the ones I should have in my adolescence. The only ones I have rode are the tricycles when in Nursery standard.. that too neighbors’. An hour long cycling last evening made me feel so fresh.. may I say that it was better than s*x..?

Sorry guys.. it was really better than that!!

For now, I’m enjoying the change in the weather, season and anxiously waiting for the celebrations to hit.. Let me go and pedal some..

Happy Winters..

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Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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