Better than S*x

Cramps, sweat.. raised heart beats. Breathing hard..

I adjust my bottom upon that dark seat and go full throttle. The 1st 5 minutes itself takes me to a heightened pleasure. I support my left arm on the bedside. I don’t wish to lose the intensity by leaning. I balance without resting both the arms.

Each passing minute, makes it tougher to push; yet, the “desire” to keep it going for “a little more time”, keeps me going.

The muscle pull after the act makes me yell my orgasmic bouts. The “feeling good” factor is so much better. The “good feeling” stays throughout the night. Those pulls and cramps keep reminding me of my “adventure” each time tossing during my sleep.

My bottom pains like smacked against something hard really bad.

Stamina has never been my problem- ever. Being out of touch is. I was a regular one. Last 7- 8 years; it’s been bad. No time, you see. I worked in night- shifts; how could I have taken out time for the real session? I used to end up getting tired even before …

Not anymore.

I guess, I am loving my “ride”. Listening to my Sony Walkman and with a water- bottle near me; I lose myself for the next 1 hour. The rhythmic movement, the sound of the rotations and my panting; gives me a high equivalent to a big drink- bottoms up.

Jokes apart, I have never ridden a bike; take pity on me. A simple task of sitting on the chair makes me feel.. ouchh!! This is so much better than working out in gym.

  • Privacy of my house
  • I decide “when”
  • The a/c is effective
  • No ogling eyes
  • No instructor up my …
  • Absolutely no germs- healthy
  • I am the DJ

Well, I say that this Joy- ride is so much better than the real thing..

While compiling the last post; I couldn’t really help expressing my “feelings”. I noticed that how freely I could type my words in support of my new found Joy- Ride. To save the essence of that post, I posted this one.

You think I am a hopeless case? But you are still reading it- aren’t you? Caught ya’ 😀

Whoever said that “s*x is like riding a bike upside down” couldn’t have said it better.

I am liking the women on top” position..

About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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12 Responses to Better than S*x

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  3. I came, I read and left wondering a bit.

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  5. John E Tripp says:

    Olivia if your ride a Harley Davison like that sexy comments in your story I know you would have saddle burns and be bow legged for at least a week! Very Funny!…John

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