God is watching Us..

I had decided not to Blog till late at nights. I was about to switch off my Computer when I remembered having “blissfully” forgotten to type this out. No it couldn’t wait.

I have had a long day. Mixed feelings.

  • Rajshree who I was supposed to meet today; is not flying in 😦
  • I had gone for Grocery shopping but at local shops and not reliance 😦
  • I had skipped my meal; had been starving 😦
  • Smita had called up 🙂
  • I spoke with Rajshree 🙂
  • I spoke with the Salon owner’s daughter- Vineeta too 🙂
  • I was all set to watch KKK 🙂

I had warmed up my matar-paneer and rolled the chapatis. Just when I was about to place one on the girdle, I noticed the flame was gone.

I re-lit the burner, it was again gone.. The cylinder had emptied 😦

Even though my Boss stays nearby; calling up that elderly man at 9pm, bothered my conscience. Yet, I had called him up.

I insisted him not to run around then:

  • It was late.
  • He too had a long day.
  • What if he was disappointed?
  • He would have felt embarrassed..

Often I have made his domestic cook for me. This time, that too bothered me. I was too upset to be accepting alternatives. Sadly, I had gone back to my couch to watch TV..

15 minutes later, that voice over shoulder asked me to go to the kitchen and atleast place the curry back in the fridge. I had put the onion rings back in the box, pickle back in the box.. as I was about to walk out of the kitchen to place them in the fridge; I noticed the packet of bread sitting next to my filter. I had forgotten all about it.

I had brought that only yesterday. I keep some for my maid. The poor soul often comes in the morning without having any breakfast. I don’t eat bread- at all. I used to- earlier; not anymore. So it was more or less a miracle to have found the bread sitting for me to eat them. I would have gone starving otherwise. I was too upset to have dealt with the situation thinking rationally.

The curry was still warm. I thanked my God to have watched me over- again.

Come what may- never ever has He made me starve. I try to be humble and eat no matter whatever my mind be. I was about to break the pattern, though un- intentionally. He h not let me.

As I write this, I have a lump in my throat. I had stopped to gulp that, pull my tears back and inhaled a long one.. I now go to sleep my soul.

May God Bless all..

About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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