Happy Sunday

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  • I am tagged and nominated by Ji and Riika


    I feel 😀 Happy 😀 while

    • Writing- Lets me express my Mind playing with words.
    • Painting/Creating Art n Craft- The best ones happen when I am sulking 😉 . The only thing left for me to try my hand on is to sculpt 🙂
    • Traveling- I sit, watch and laugh from within.. doing nothing; yet brooding high!!
    • Listening to Music/Singing- Creates extra- dimensional stirs within my Brain Waves.
    • Brooding- Think, Ponder and Conclude.
    • Celebrating- Enjoying whatever Life’s given me- both good and not so good. So practically, I celebrate each moment that comes by.
    • Planning and Executing Surprises- I have enjoyed my share of little surprises thrown my way by both Friends and Life. I try and reciprocate the same- LIKEWISE 😉
    • Cooking- My womanly disorder.
    • House- Keeping- Yet another one of my womanly disorders. I am a cleanliness freak and a damn good perfectionist.
    • Observing People- I make my own notes. I so love to watch people and draw judgements. I may not treat them that ways essentially, but keep the pointers ready in my mind to back- check. Always. So far, those have never failed me.

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    About Olivia

    Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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    13 Responses to Happy Sunday

    1. Oh, I remember this! Thanks again, Olivia.

      Like your little lemons sign, though we don’t drink alcohol. It’s cute though.


    2. buttercup600 says:

      Love to know more about you and guess what, I am a perfectionist too…and a pain because of that!!! Grrrrrrrrr Lovies xxx

    3. frayedges says:

      Happy Sunday to you too! I am going to have to pass on this one- I am so far behind on many things this week. I am so pleased, though, that you thought of me. What an honor 🙂

    4. woih says:

      Happy Sunday!!!! ..Congrats on the Happy Award….

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