Perfect Wishes

I had gone to the MN Salon today. I had to collect my LIC cheque that had returned from my old address. The agent had delivered that to the Salon owner, she being the connecting link. The whole day was spent doing absolutely nothing.

Since both my boss and the maid were off today; I consider having lost a silvern opportunity to “brood in solitude”. I would have loved to spend the whole day doing nothing but strolling from the kitchen to my Computer and maybe to sleep..? Yawn..

While enjoying Dosa (I have been craving for one since 2 months now 😦 ), I received a sms from my friend reading <the message>, <from- name>, <from- name’s husband name> and <from- name’s baby>. Really now- what’s the fun of such sms? Given the fact that I have never met the “name’s husband” and even the “name’s baby”. If that’s not all, the baby may be only a year and a half probably.

What’s the idea of such sms and wishes? Where does it go? I mean, do I know your hubby? Have we met? Might as well then let him send the sms.

What about your baby? Does he know his “name” is being used without his permission? To wish perfect strangers..?

If “virtuality” wasn’t enough to confuse the sane people; here comes wishes from strangers.. Poor baby! By the time he grows up to type his own sms, he would have wished people that he would most probably never meet in his life-time. For sure, he would grow up to manage his own friend circle and not stick to wishing oldies. And how am I connected to him again?

Any day your sms or your cellphone number becomes your cyber identity, you would be in deep identity crisis. Anyone walking past that mother and baby (whose name was added in such forward sms typed by her mom) would try to stop him making him remind how he had sent a “cute” sms when he was all of 6 months…!@!#$@!@#. More than a Social Security Number, a Sms Identity Number is required. How else would I recognize those babies who have wished me since they were born in the last few years?

Don’t even try to tell me that that’s how the trend is – typing a common sms and sending to all.. Wow- so that’s all that I mean to my “close” friend? Very well then, they might as well skip my name.. I’ll be wished- real grand.

Here’s another one- “wishing you and your loved ones… blah” If you care so much about my loved ones too, might as well call me up and wish!!

Another one in the series- “wishing you and your family… ” This one hits me bad. My “close” friends know about my familial status- might as well they edit the sms while sending. C’mon, it just shows what importance I hold in their day to day life.. yes, I feel offended.

They get married, become mothers and their brains remain under- developed. A married woman, is considered to have become a matured woman- in terms of thinking ability. Becoming a mother, makes you a little more sensitive.. MAY BE NOT!!

Damn this cellphone, which was supposedly a mode of communication alone. Blame it on us; it’s our lifestyle now. Relationships are no longer “lived”. No one bothers to call up and discuss about the “celebrations” at the other end.

Gone are the days when meeting someone personally or even hearing his/her voice used to cause happy flutters in your heart. We used to look forward to such “occasions”. Now we “kill” such momentum by sending sms. Adding our baby’s name keeps our children completely untouched of such happenings. They already meet everyone through such forward sms, so what the heck, why looking forward to meet them in person?

It’s so convenient to strap a sms and be done with our moral duty.

No time- you see. By the time you realize; no time is really left for you to act upon. Make that obligation. Morality is dead and duties are not delivered anymore.

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3 Responses to Perfect Wishes

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  2. Paras says:

    ROFL…… this was really amazing read.. i cracked into laughter and could not stop myself and barely avoided a near fall. imagine some one with their SMS history.. and it takes them to an archive from the time when they were 1 week, month, year old. LMAO… 🙂

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