Sleeping factor

I have become an old birdie perhaps.

I love to remain stuffed up and snooze coiling my wings and claws against my body.. You know why we do that while sleeping or when sad? Because that’s how we are conceived inside a womb when we were formed! So at the slightest unpleasant provocation, as a reflex, we try to go back to our elementary form.

Perhaps, that’s the reason why I want to keep sleeping- the unborn baby keeps snug for about 36 weeks at a stretch. They cry out loud the 1st thing when they are born.. makes sense.

Ever watched a bird after a shower..? She would stuff herself up, so all her weathers would show by the count. That helps her to dry up. Most of the old pigeons (yeah- that’s right- them 🙂 ), keep snoozing throughout the day.

Any morning I try to do that, my peepers shut open like the Digital Camera pops the lens out. I haven’t really slept well in ages. Although I sleep without much stress nowadays, I am usually awake by 9am. I sleep late, almost past midnight. Sometimes after 2am.

Either my boss would dial me up- !@$%!@!; or my maid has to be given some work. She comes at around 9.30 in the morning- getting my newspaper too. Yawn…!!!

I yearn for a day- no- make that days, when I could sleep for the whole day without having to worry about anyone else in the world. Not even about my own self. Instead just sleep..!!

Snore.. Toss.. Yawn.. Yawn.. Toss.. Yawn.. Snore.. Toss.. Snore

As a thumb rule, the day I try to sleep; my peepers cheat on me and wake me up. Anyday my peepers wish to oblige me, my boss takes the turn. WTF!! I envy those bears who go hibernating in winters. Perhaps, I could do that in summers. Or whenever I wish to if offered a choice

For now- I am beyond any Yawn. I sleep like pigeons- waking up at the simple sound of rains or even wind. I start coughing whenever it’s storming outside. It’s a rarity for me to sleep deep without Breaks.

I guess I enjoy sleeping too- waking up every couple of hours to feel satiated that I was sleeping and still have a lot of time before it’s time to again look forward to dreaming time.

My eyelids are droopy and I am moving like a zombie. Maybe, I go dead now..

Anyways, I am the Royal Cat. Time for my nap.


About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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9 Responses to Sleeping factor

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  4. joanny says:


    Thanks for coming to get me — this will take me a while to read, for there is much here, you have written. I must tell you a secret, I get bored easily with peoples blogs that I call face book, where they talk about themselves in the most mundane insane way, what they eat, where they partied. Ah but here I found someone who is introspective, who is real, living the dream and understanding what she is living, right wrong,, messy, unique, all the things that make up our daily lives, looking back in reflection with honesty that is the woman whom is blogging here,revealing herself in the best honest way as possible.

    so I will be back to visit, and read a little more each time, and we will get to know each other.

    Cheers, dear one, you are eloquent.


    • Olivia says:

      You are such a wonderful friend Dear.. I wonder; for this is a small one and yet you have read me pretty close, really well..
      Cheers my Dear.. coming from such a nice Blog Holder, I’m flattered- to say the least.. 😀

      This one is my Biography.. still much to write (read: more mess to come 🙂 )
      Thanks for coming by- I would love to read you here too.. (besides your Blog..)


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  6. You need to get up girl! Ruffle those feathers and get to work! Nice story, I do the same thing. John

    • Olivia says:

      Thanks John..
      That was a nice comment to read on a Sunday Morning. I woke up because of thunder sounds- LOL. It’s pleasant here- pretty. Oh yes, Ruffling my Feathers and Yawn..

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