My Kitchen Pics

View from the Kitchen Entrance Door

The Ganshu Kitchen Glass Window Cover

Outside the Kitchen Window

Different Edible/Cooking Oils in Vodka Bottles

The Kitchen Veranda

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About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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5 Responses to My Kitchen Pics

  1. soulbro* says:

    nice and fresh with plants and more openness…. 🙂 xo–{–@

  2. Sanjukta says:

    You have to teach me how you managed to put a slide show of the pics, I am using wordpress for 3 years and I still don’t know how to do it. You know you are a genius.

    • Olivia says:

      That is so humbling of you to say so.. Don’t forget it was you who had spread the WordPress Infection on to me.. Thank you for your beautiful words. When something comes from you; it’s an honor- always..

      Making slideshow is pretty easy.. will share the steps.. 🙂

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