Pigeon Shoot and Story

I am not surprised- so shouldn’t you be..

  • The 1st time I wrote, it was a Pigeon story.
  • I used to feed them in MN, without expecting or harboring any motive. That was during one of the deadly phases. I had then shifted to Gurgaon 3 years back.. out of that phase forever..!!
  • The day I wanted to hold one (pigeon- who else), in my hand- just without any reason; one came right to me and fulfilled my wish..
  • One another Pigeon came to me on my Birthday too..
  • Every few days one “bumps” into me and I play around with them for sometime before I make them sit on the window sill and let them fly (one time, I had placed the bird on my a/c.. that’s where they keep scratching on my off days)

Now that I had arranged for a camera- one had to but had to come around.. what say? My maid dismissed the idea saying that was ridiculous.. Even though she happens to be the bird- catcher. She comes from a village. They used to play around, sneaking on the birds, catching them, playing with them and then letting them fly- away..

Clicking snap shots of my house the previous day, I was moving around to check any missed out on angle ( 🙂 ) I noticed that the same bird who had come in the morning, was snoozing pretty on the Dining Area veranda sill. I do recognize the pigeons through their appearances often (read: another post).

So this time, when I opened the grill gate, it didn’t move. I opened the glass door, it sat still.. What a thrill it was to catch one on my own.. It didn’t resist.. Of all, it posed beautifully for the snap shots. Had someone been around, the snaps could have been better.

Telling her that she was done for her shoot, I placed her back after 5 minutes on the veranda sill. There, she didn’t flutter. Instead kept walking around. Few minutes later, she had again gone back to snooze.

The other day, watching a snoozing pigeon that I had later sat on my lap one another day; my eye- lids had gone heavy. I had snoozed for sometime thereafter 😀

Coming back to my “this” pigeon, I was getting worried. Not a single bird was around, they had all disappeared. It was dark and here I was; left with a birdie, whose biological clock had won over her logical thinking of going back to her home..!!

Deciding to talk to her, I stepped out into the veranda again. Carefully I had looked around for any sign of creepy crawly (arrgghhs), there were none. The birdie was sat watching me. I asked her what was the matter..? It looked back at me. Obviously, were you expecting the bird to reply? I picked her up again. That’s right. I picked the bird up again while she was watching me with her open eyes- I repeat.. I picked a pigeon with my left hand while she was looking at what was happening, without any resistance from the bird. I told her to go home. She had quietly looked back at me.. Maybe it was too late for her to flutter..

Explaining her that she couldn’t sleep on the sill; she could risk a fall in sleep, she should look for a base. Snoozing in day even on a wire is fine- not at nights. I placed her on the sill again.. She wouldn’t fly. I had ruffled her tail feathers, doing how we nudge a kid to move on. After looking back at me again, she had flew over to the next building. She stay perched over the window shed. Perfectly fine. Atleast she won’t fall.. There wasn’t any adjoining climber so a feline could not catch her too..

Believe it or not, the next day, she had come again and sat waiting for me. When I had tried to look around counting the pigeons that I do when I see them all snoozing; the birdie had started walking around the sill as if to remind me of her pigeon walk and herself.

I do remember you Birdie.. Here, this story goes to you and this way, you would be talked about amongst many.. remembering you through this story..

Snoozing birdie- before capturing her (on lens)

Blinded by the flash..

Look at me, I seem to be more nervous- while the birdie is enjoying her shoot..

Close- up shoot

“I hope my pics come up nice- here- I stall tall..”

I am all beaks..
After her pigeon walk over the sill, she had kept snoozing. When she sensed me around, she had opened her eyes to pose..

See how dark it had become when I had captured her again.. This is after this shot that I had stepped out and asked her to fly away.. She had humbly obliged me..


This pigeon, not only had posed for the shoot, but also has given me a story to write about. A story of an evening full of emotions and feelings. Much better than how fellow humans reciprocate.. If I felt for her; I could feel, she too had felt for me!

Optimism, Faith, Assurance, Superstition.. whatever you may call it as; a pigeon had again “stood” by my thoughts. Do they really read me or is it plain co- incidence..? They say thoughts create an energy powerful than any thing else that a human mind can conceive, so is it my thoughts that is pulling the instances the way I want them to? Like the pigeons here? Have I attained that level of communicating through telepathy?

I so strongly feel that we are connected. Let me discover how..

Afternote- If this is how it goes on, soon I would have to segregate a Header in Reader’s Guide- saying “My Pigeonic Writes”… 😀

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Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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5 Responses to Pigeon Shoot and Story

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  3. buttercup600 says:

    Yes I think you have, I also feel very strong about this…those pics came out wonderful Olivia….I actually had goose bumps reading this, I truly believe that we can create a spiritual connecttion on every single level!! Loved it my friend xxx

    • Olivia says:

      Yeah Mandies, I feel these birdies often responding to my thoughts. Once I was unable to open up an assembled fruit bowl (I won that in Hutch for my Peacock lamp).. No sooner I had asked those birds to help me open the jammed up lid; it had actually opened up..!!

      I appreciate your response- not many people do; either connect or even believe..

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