From “Past” to making it Participle

You are because of what you were

Move On.. Don’t look back.. Forget It..!! Few of the phrases often misunderstood and mis- implied.

When someone asks you to look ahead, that doesn’t mean that you don’t watch your steps. Well, if you don’t- you know you are bound to tumble over and may even fall and earn an injury.

There’s no way to walk, other than keeping connected to the “ground”

Think of how a visually challenged man holds a stick to place it firm on the ground. He uses that to “connect” to read and understand the things in his immediate surroundings. Just how do you think he could walk otherwise?

To climb a mountain, you would have to start from the bottom. Even if you were a bird; you would have to still sail upwards- constantly.

Our Life too is multi- dimemsional

Our present is a direct outcome of our actions in the past. How we may have handled our situations or even developed our “outlook” would stand to affect our present and hence the future to come too. It can’t be referred to as limited or constricted to “today”. It will stretch its shoots in the past. At other times, the past may be stronger than your “present” and hence stretch the shoots on its own. Worst, its fragments may lay embedded in your Life for all times to come..

Move On.. Don’t look back.. Forget It..!! How are we doing it then?

  • By facing it again.
  • By acknowledging the ugliness.
  • By understanding and reading the situation.
  • By learning the lessons.

Probability and Permutation Combination

Unfortunately I had hated those chapters. For some reason, I was never able to solve those “sums”. Incidentally, I could demonstrate the understanding and adapt those chapters- in my Life, a little too well. Try and look into the situation again. From all the angles possible. Imagine how your best friend may have reacted!! How you would have handled it for her?

Remember how we experimented to analyze the Chemistry Practical salts?

Check on why you fell prey to that crap- to begin with. What were your shortcomings? Going forward- How you could avoid those limitations to re- appear?

Was that your fault..?

If you answer that honestly, you would often get an “Yes”. The more “Yes” you get; the more Intelligently you maybe handling yourself.

Change is the only constant

We aren’t perfect. We weren’t born that way. To be able to achieve a level of perfection; is also an art. You know you have mastered the Art when you learn to evolute constantly. The moment you stop saying “it’s good enough”, you would be thrown back. By the time you recover, you would have been left far behind.

Move On.. Don’t look back.. Forget It..!! Is it really as simple as that?

Face, acknowledge and deal with it. Once having done that, you would become indifferent. “Taking in one’s stride” happens at this level. Remember- your parents often made you stand in dark for you to grow out of fear for dark? Copy that again.

Black is when there’s no light. Mystery is till it is unresolved. Go ahead- resolve it. It’s your Life and it’s about you. Play it well. Forgive yourself- you’ll be at peace.

Try and recall everything without getting hurt. Do that as many times as it takes. You are bound to become Indifferent and Resistant.

Maybe crocodiles are the best example here.

They have crawled the face of earth since a very long time. Through all ages and seasons possible. How? By constantly adapting themselves and not crib about the change.

Courage, strength and endurance doesn’t mean the level of bearing it- but the level of tolerating it- remaining completely unaffected. Become Tensile and not remain an Elastic alone.


There’s the Body, essence, meaning, metaphors, similes.. Likewise, sketch one or more for your Past instances too.

Don’t become a patient- become a carrier..!!

The one who is a carrier may still have the virus in his system; but remains unaffected. A patient is the one who gets infected and affected too. Snake, Scorpion- they carry the venom and sting- how many times have they killed themselves over?

Past is important

  • History?
  • Archeologists?
  • Carbon Dating?
  • Analysis?
  • Life?

From childhood to growing up to .. how come it could be squeezed in “today” alone? How would a plant stand tall without embedding its roots? The deeper that goes, the taller and stronger does a tree stand.

Conclusion: Learn to live with it. Making it friends. How would have you become wiser then? The more grounded you remain, the more firmly you pace yourself..!!

  • Move on– Girlie, it’s your Life, don’t sit stuck; you would be left alone blatantly..
  • Don’t look back– Look out for newer opportunities. Isn’t night succeeded and preceded by a bright morning, evening and two days?
  • Forget It– It’s not worth investing in self- pity. Forget the hurt. You have lived that once already. Win it over and make it your slave.

About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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12 Responses to From “Past” to making it Participle

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  2. Punam says:

    wow Olivia!! You’ve hit the nail right on its head. I love the way you wrote this. It’s important to deal with your past, and face it right in the face AND step over it and go on, without looking back at its remains. If we don’t do this, our past will trample us and we will be lying there, bleeding with awful memories.
    Let’s be survivors. Head on. 🙂

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  5. lynnaima says:

    “Move On.. Don’t look back.. Forget It..!! How are we doing it then?

    By facing it again.
    By acknowledging the ugliness.
    By understanding and reading the situation.
    By learning the lessons.”

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for giving me the okay to face what I am going through over and over and over again. I thought it was quite perverse of me to reread all his mean words but I do agree that in facing them, I am memorizing that feeling, his dislike of me, his disrespect and everything in between…before I can be numbed to it and to him.


    • Olivia says:


      I know exactly what you mean here. I have gone through this a several times with almost all relationships from natural to created ones.. Each time I thought them over and over again till I became so resilient that I feel I am beyond and Indifference or Hurt now.. What the heck- they have moved on- leaving a scattered and broken us behind. The idea is not to forget, but to just remember that without feeling hurt.. What say- wouldn’t that be a super- victory?
      Why should we feel bitter because of someone else’s callous actions? On the contrary, I say that “he doesn’t deserve any space to be remembered even as a bitter experience..”

      Loads of Love-

  6. Sophie says:

    I think you should think about public speaking Olly. While I read the post I actually imagined you in front of me all animated… You don’t know what you’ll do to the society if you step into the business! Well, you’ve become my favourite writer… May you continue to touch people’s life and spread the love and peace one must have

    • Olivia says:

      Sophie Darling, Do you realize how big a compliment that is..? All I have is a simple Thank you in return.. 😀
      About “Writer”.. Well thanks again for the compliment- I am barely there as one yet.. 🙂

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  8. buttercup600 says:

    Thanks for posting this today…I am glad I came to read this!! Needed it:) xx

    • Olivia says:

      My Dear Girlfriend- so were you brooding then…. nah, that’s my patented job- LOL.. Feel free to ping me anytime you wish to.. I am very good at lecturing sermons…………. 😀
      Jokes apart- remember, how the other day I felt good after reading your poem.. So I guess we all need each others help and words more often than we thinkk.. Love you Gurl.. xox

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