Counting Still

Consider this:

  • You bought a Car- a brand new- Dream Vehicle.

*** WOW ***

Ponder about this, the before- thoughts:

  • You have finally decided to buy one.
  • You have graduated to reach there from fighting out all the mundane mis- opportunities.

Now figure this:

  • You wake up lazy.
  • The weather’s as beautiful as it could get.
  • You go out for a big shopping; read: groceries, veggies, some electronics.
  • You attend to a couple of need-to-attend-to jobs too.
  • You eat out at a good restaurant- may be your fave.
  • You come home. After enjoying a lazy shower you “gossip” with your girlfriends.
  • Watch TV.
  • Surf Net.
  • Eat what you packed for yourself for dinner..
  • snooze… zzz…. zz

Wouldn’t you feel good and even happier doing all of that the whole day..? Doesn’t small things count then..?

Why do we keep waiting for a “bigger” reason to celebrate? If you are so unhappy, go renounce the world. Strive to attain enlightenment. Or else and till such time, try and enjoy every single moment. We often look over what we have to feel miserable about what we don’t! How nice is that?

Look around, no matter how harsh the weather keeps; the moment it rains, the greens sway in joy. They don’t grow bitter and stand stiff against the breeze. They shower themselves in that rain- no matter however strong the fall may be or however light the drizzle may be. It changes its sway accordingly. Standing still and not stiff in heavy downpour and moving its branches while under a drizzle.

Enjoy every bit of your Life- now this is where I would say- Move On..!! Remember; being a kid, how a simple chocolate or your fave cartoon brightened up your days? How desperately you looked forward to watch TV again after exams? You are the same old (I mean grown- up; no offense meant :D) girlie; why don’t you now look forward to a weekend to enjoy a lazy morning? Perhaps a session at salon too..?

It’s all in your mind and attitude.

Try to freak out. Don’t carry the hurt. The reasons don’t make you feel happy- that’s momentary. You have to be at peace within yourself to feel happy. Bliss is all around- just change your glasses. How the traditional Indian homemakers try to find happiness in something as necessary an act as cooking. They may not be educated or even getting their spouse’s attention. Yeah that’s sad- but then, we have a lot to learn from them. How they marvel at creating their own niche and stay contented within..!!

You don’t have to cage yourself within limitations. Rather set yourself free of the tag of a “bigger” moment. Don’t forget to rejoice and love yourself. It’s your Life. Don’t let petty things affect your smile. Let your universe create a better world for you.

Change your attitude bit by bit and you would feel of a stronger energy reciprocating to your desires. If no logic helps you understand; keep in mind the Newton’s III Law of Motion.

Every action has its Equal and Opposite Reaction

Think about everything cheerfully. Smile more often. Laugh like nobody’s business. Stop hating others- it takes a lot of time and ugly thoughts to harbor that feeling- not worth. Moreover, what goes around, comes around.

  • Smile to grin like an idiot
  • Love yourself
  • Take pride in whatever you are/were

If simpler things don’t please you; nothing else would too.

About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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6 Responses to Counting Still

  1. Sophie says:

    Well said Olly and very well lived indeed… 🙂

  2. buttercup600 says:

    You write so absolutely eloquently Olivia…I love it 🙂 Thanks for sharing xx

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