My Sunday Morning

Now this is what I call a Purrrrfect Sunday Morning.. Life isn’t all that bad after all. I guess we keep waiting for a “Big” and better opportunity to feel happy. Ignoring completely what we have- every small thought counts.

At 1pm, this is what I did since morning.

I was tucked in my bed well before 12 in the midnight instead of my usual 2am..!! Lazing through a sexy rainy morning, I woke up at 10. Right on time to watch “my” Ben 10 at CN. Oh yes, I love watching cartoons. It’s become a ritual to watch that since the last few years. Details would come up in another post.

At 11am, I had stepped out in the Living Room veranda for some gardening. It was so chillingly cold- it’s only September..!! I took out the dried leaves from caladium while getting wet. Even though it was raining light then, the breeze had showered tiny droplets all over my back and head. The feeling was Divine. If only I had not washed my hair yesterday evening, I would have stayed there a-la-Titanic and drenched myself.

For breakfast, I had prepared Tikki Chaat/Salad. Sorry, I was starving and so missed clicking a pic 🙂 While eating, I had thought of Amanda- my Blog- friend. She prepares good food and writes too well. No sooner I had switched on my Computer after the breakfast- there, Amanda’s comment was sat on my Blog.. wowie..!! Telepathy- I guess.

Since 10, I had been procrastinating going downstairs to pick my Newspaper up. Almost as an impulse forcing me; I had gotten up, lit up the gas burner, placing some water to boil for coffee and had headed downstairs. I knew it was raining; yet, I had gone down without covering my head.

I had stood there at the connecting door leading to stairs thinking how to step out. A grin had flashed my face soon. The remaining sun- mica sheets from the wood- work done in February, were still standing under the stair-case. I had picked up a big sheet and patted it clean.

Holding that sheet up my head, to save myself from getting wet, I had walked towards the gate. There, my soggy newspaper was breathing its last. I picked that up balancing that sheet with one hand. It was breezing pretty heavy. It was tricky holding the sheet with one hand- above the head (and not on the head) and bending to pick up the newspaper with another.

Walking back; I had smiled like a fool 😀 I wondered what all of them must have thought of me; whoever had watched i.e., I am sure, I was no less than a ticket- less show for their mornings. Like- whatever..!! (back to my post)

I have placed the newspaper at the pedestal outside my main door and brought the Brunch in. I like reading that- no matter what. That too has become a part of my Sunday Ritual. Just emptied a big mug of coffee in my Birthday Mug. Talked over the phone with Sophie, discussed Life, making her envy of the lovely weather here.

Again, the tap water is running chilly today. That’s not an exaggerated expression- it is actually shockingly cold. Showering under that cold water, it felt, as if I was under a waterfall- now that’s an exaggeration expression.

Now this is what I call a perfect Sunday Morning..

  • No maid
  • No boss (on my head)
  • Raining since morning
  • Pleasant to cool, inside the house
  • Watching Ben 10
  • Lovely Coffee in the Gift Mug 🙂
  • My white- Pink Spaghetti Frock
  • Some Bird (Pigeon 😀 ) watching
  • Blogging
  • A couple of pics (to capture the essence)

It’s orgasmic- if not more. Happy Sunday..!!

About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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7 Responses to My Sunday Morning

  1. Sophie says:

    Hey you…yes you…made me envy the moment again ! But i loved going through it just the way i loved it in the first place, listening 🙂 Missed the coffee (Deja brew…)

    • Olivia says:

      You have quite a way with words yourself sweetheart.. I so take pride in making my friends envy.. Jokes apart, that time spent with you on phone was also a pleasure and an inseparable part of my Sunday..

      Next time we meet- don’t skip my offer for coffee now.. 🙂

  2. Slamdunk says:

    I like your list. Rainy mornings can make a difference.

  3. buttercup600 says:

    I so loved to read your thoughts and doings on this day…I did exactly the same…lazing about the whole day, did some painting and blogging too:) Great minds think alike my dearest friend…I hope your week ahead will be a bliss one too. I send you much love Mwah xxx

    • Olivia says:

      Ditto- Great Minds think Alike.. Mandies.. you do great paintings.. Maybe you could start a different categories and upload your paintings too.. You don’t cease to amze me girl………. Loads of Love- xox

  4. dream8land says:

    Ya I really share your opinion…I looove rainy days…I have a good reason to stay at home and do nothing ;))

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