Delete Spam

We know that already, don’t we..?

Since it’s a SPAM, we tend to forget all about it. So, instead of just clicking Spam, delete it thereafter. Or else, each time you login, it’ll keep showing a Spam Mail/Comment count. We still know it.

Even Spams add to the bulk. They don’t deserve any space within your account/mailbox. Spam is a spam, delete it. Do not wait for one lazy day to do it. Neither would that “lazy” day happen; nor would you clean the Spam Box. But then why would you want to clean-up on a lazy day anyways- making yourself slog to read through the old Spam mails- atleast the subject? You don’t wish to check the cellphone SP or your Bank as Spam. There, you may have a couple of important mails tucked into that folder.

“Spam” love to comeback like your that loser boyfriend. Deal with it now. Really, they have a knack of flashing back exactly when you think it’s over. I am referring to both Spams and the Losers! Often a few IDs get checked as Spam ( 😦 ) You would only notice that if you keep your Spam folder empty- otherwise, it won’t really make a difference while Spam numbers going from 1038 to 1308. Likewise, you don’t want those sour people to move around fixing you up for an embarrassment because of their ways, using your name.

Oh, at times, Spams do fizzle out and get posted as a nice comment there. Ouchh!! Keep the option of moderating each and every comment, reserved to yourself.

  • You really don’t want your readers to read a comment from “P*nis Enlargement” saying “wow, get rocking in the bed- your woman’s gonna love it” under your post.
  • Worse, your post was about “What a loser your ex was”.
  • Worst, you notice that only after a few weeks..!! Omnigosh!!

Need I say that the same needs to be done with the old mails too..? The commercials, forwards and pass it on to… or else; they all need to leave now. Make that space empty for the newer and bulkier attachments..

All the best Cleaning old- junkie.. You would discover some beautiful “to be stored” mails. If in case you have forgotten about a few of those; well then, get rid of those. The chances are that you may end up forgetting all about those again.

Like we clean our garbage bin; do so with the Spams too. That necessarily may not be the Gmail Spam Box or the WP Blog Comment Spam; it applies directly to your lifestyle, your mind. The more cleaner you keep, the more healthy your account would remain. Keep yourself neat of all the offshoots.. Clutter..

Your email accounts and other profiles, computer desktop, kitchen shelves and your Work- Table; those just reflect on your outlook and how you treat people and relationships..!!

Step out of the mess..

About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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13 Responses to Delete Spam

  1. Steve Isaak says:

    Smart, clever, funny, all that – distinctly your style.

  2. Heart says:

    Saved me from becoming a spam hoarder, I guess.. 😉 Somehow my subscriptions all got lost and I am trying to get control of my WP life back! Then I will tackle my spam, which I fear is very minimal!!
    And the picture, I was about to fall off the chair, ha haa.
    Crazy girl :))

    • Olivia says:

      Hey Rachana.. And I wondered where you had disappeared. Hope all’s sorted now.. Letme know if you need to know anything ever at all.. WP or anything else.. 😀

      The image – that was on purpose- see how it conveyed my thoughts in one go.. 🙂
      Thank you for the compliment “crazy”.. I loved it 😀


  3. brian says:

    thanks for stopping in today…and for your offer to join you at jingle poetry…i have some good blog friends that are part of the team that put it together. i will unfortunately not be able to accept your offer though. i wish you all the best of luck.


  4. Sophie says:

    Hey, really nice one on both – the spam and spam like loosers!! And yes the picture is interestingly surprizing LOL

  5. buttercup600 says:

    I laughed so much…I actually had to look twice too LOLOLOLOL…very true point here my friend xxx

  6. John E Tripp says:

    Looked like a G-String to me. Looks like that girl rides a hourse!

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