Lightning Desire

Last night, it had poured and rumbled..!!

No sooner I had updated my FB status as “It’s pouring- hippos and rhinos..!!”; the electricity had zapped..

A huge flash of lightning and then everything had gone pitch dark.. and then- huge grumbling of thunders.

It hasn’t been as scary since last so many monsoons. It’s almost Autumn or Fall, as the major part of the world refers to it as. It’s been raining like maybe competing with a Rain- forest. The house I stay in, is all glass as walls. I had sat stuffed up like a homeless wet bird in a lotus posture. With no lights, what else I could do?

While meditating, I had thought of viewing a lightning from a close angle. How would the flash be? The color, the feel and the sound..!! Would it give out sparks or would that be mystic to feel around? Would that be a streak of light or would that envelope me from all sides..? There, as an instant reply, I had felt as if I was really struck by a lightning.. and I had come back.

The intervals had shortened between two thunders. I had sat on that diwan bed under the handcrafted God effigy wall- hangings. The whole of the house floor would lit up for few seconds, before the glass panes would beat against the aluminium framings. I was both enjoying and somewhat awestruck too. It was a sheer delight, to watch a raw and passionate side of lightning streak through the horizon from up somewhere there and touch some ground behind the buildings.

Light thunders do happen all the time. I have watched those many a times. This was different. First a long strain of illuminated energy, followed by- almost overlapping blinding flash in my house and then, a huge roar after a couple of seconds. I had tried to control my urge to go out in open to seek its source and get struck by one. Instead, while meditating, I had felt more intensely nudged to touch that brilliant energy streak. What form of energy was that again- Plasma?

Why weren’t we taught in Physics class back in school? Whatever, it was, it definitely wasn’t a solid or a liquid or even gaseous.. Nevermind them.

If I were to look at the lightning straight, it was fiery red- and fiercely blinding. Just looking at that flash was like experiencing out of the world waves in mind. Very alienated- pushing me to discover more about them. This wasn’t the 1st time I had felt that- only that now I blog and so sharing about how I felt- yet again.

It wasn’t a Ray of Light, but an all consuming energy source emitting energy fields; the frequencies of which were beyond my capability to read. The sound of that striking was mightier than anything we might hear or have heard already. It was as if a Radio Broadcast from the space. Echoing and yet resonant- Dolby or surround sound seemed to be too minute in comparison. While echo loses its intensity till the last wave, the thunders maintained its magnanimity till the last crash.

Each spark had generated fury of desires in me- to feel them, to hear them more, to lose myself searching their source. My heart would skip a beat. My hair would raise. My stomach would belch. I would exclaim. With each flash of thunder; I had experienced a magic being created.

Around Me..

Were they actually a broadcast- from outer world, or galaxy or maybe universe? Maybe the supernaturals are the aliens and hence far more superior. We all romance with the idea that the outer- world beings maybe more stronger than us- in terms of knowledge and technology.

What were they trying to convey anyways? That we have all gone beyond sanity to achieve our far ambitious desires? That we ourselves created terrorists? That we maybe resorting to obnoxious practices in name of getting entertained? That we as humans are again going back to our “wild” ancestral mannerisms?

With our dreams to travel all around- aren’t we becoming nomads again? With more perks instead of hard cash, aren’t we getting back to barter system? With no amount of commitment in relationships; aren’t we displaying our animal affiliations of mating and moving? Only that, that even with all this- no one dares to agree to it. He would prefer reflecting upon our (not anymore) civilized ways. That’s where it hurts. Pseudo culture, show- biz, hypocrites, criticism, and the mother of all- the Corruption; no one in his sane head would agree that we have not graduated from the cave- men era yet.

My wanting to blend with the Nature at its wild; too reflects that that’s where we all belong- then why this facade..? Look at the lightning flash- anywhere it goes, it stays true- Roaring, destructing and scaring everyone and all. Could it be a group of human having achieved super- conscience?

While it had rained like all the water- falls of this world were squeezed within a kilometre radius; I had only sat and wondered. About Me, Nature and knowledge.

I wish to know all about the nature, space and spirits.

About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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13 Responses to Lightning Desire

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  2. Chloe says:

    I agree with Amanda – your creativity and craft of words is AMAZING!! I would definately read a book written by you 😀 xx

    • Olivia says:

      My Dear Chloe- your words blow me away.. Amanda is a lovely one, she writes such beautiful words for me.
      I am floored, I have barely started Blogging- let me see when I graduate to a level of being an author.. 😀 It’s so much fun to be able to write and then you friends read them… Life isn’t all that bad after all.. xoxox

      • Chloe says:

        I agree…Amanda is a lovely one and the support she offers to us all is amazing. Like you, I am quite new to blogging…but I think I am ready to start thinking seriously about how I can graduate to another level…one day I want to write a novel….perhaps we can make this journey together! And even if we never graduate, I am enjoying this schooling a LOT ! 😀 xx

        • Olivia says:

          I am honored that you want me to be taking a plunge with you..!!
          You talking about graduating? You ought to be kidding.. I would love to read your Novel soon. I too am enjoying my schooling here.. 😀 Really fancy friends around.. No time limitations or geographical bounds!!
          Amanda is a super- girl.. How she does it all still remains a mystery to me. I have loads to learn. xox

  3. John E Tripp says:

    These thoughts, feelings are they from within? Olivia I don’t think I have ever had someone express these sensations so uniquely as you. Not strange just on cue for each sensation, Very different that I have ever heard, John

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  6. Ashish says:

    Did you say spirits? ……does ur next post have something abt them? Do u believe in them ?

  7. buttercup600 says:

    Have you thought of writing a book…?? Your creativity and craft of words – just amazing Olivia…you never fail to surprize me….Mwah xxx

    • Olivia says:

      Thankyou Amanda.. Coming from you it’s a huge compliment.. I know my mind gets to show its complex nature when I start thinking. This wasn’t even brooding- all feelings had come while watching those sparks.. Only typed later..
      Mwaah xoxox

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