I know it all..

Caution: Proceed reading at your own risk. Do not freak out. The best is yet to come.


To say that my Intuition is strong, would be an understatement. Precognition/Premonition comes easy to me.

One of my avid readers and my ex- peer had commented asking about spirits. That’s where I thought of writing about them too. This one is only a small Introductory opening about THOSE. I have mentioned about “a voice over my shoulder” a few times already in my posts.

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These may have been a very minor depictions or simple stances to write about; I have some bigger incidences too- that can best be labeled as Paranormal.

Besides that theory I practice- that the thoughts create an immense force- field; there have been instances that have left me spell- bound. Almost like a communication with para- normal.

There, I have mentioned about that Dream in my Dream Blog. I had dreamt of that every night till I reached 5 years of age. The last time I had dreamt of that “Oldman”; the dream was kind of long. Hold On- I have dreamt of the 2nd part, only a couple of weeks back..!!

Since childhood, I have been kept protected- by mom- who else? She had harbored a faith that reading “An autobiography of a Yogi”, I may end up renouncing this world. If at all, it was after reading this book, that I had wanted to compile my autobiography. I was only 6- 7 years of age.. 😀

More often than not, I predict before storms would burst. That night too, I had sensed of that thunder storm to be whirling around. I had sent a text saying “Lightning” (only) to my boss.

In lighter words they say that I get what I want. In other words- I do communicate with “forces” inconceivable by most of us. The last time I did that to myself was when my several years of left arm pain was diagnosed to be only as Mystalgia..!!

I don’t watch horror movies at all- I actually feel haunted. If I step in, while you may be in the middle of planchette, the activity would soon halt. I have seen those happening in numerous ways- from a distance. No sooner I step closer, it ends.

I stay completely alone- so I ought to be pretty brave- what say? In winters, I often step out in dark, and move around at the upstairs terrace for long time. (In summers, opening the door or walking at nights would mean, inviting to play with creepy crawlies- arrrgh) I am most comfortable when pitch dark. I don’t feel scared or unfamiliar.

Maybe practice.. maybe it’s all within me..!!

My mom had encountered a few of those when she lived in Calcutta. I have almost walked through cemetery several times. I feel; it’s most peaceful there.

About that voice over my shoulder, I feel there’s a cute Devil that sits on my shoulder- often on the left one- guiding my ways. Anytime I have ignored its voice, I have been in problem. Like a complete force, it speaks giving my mind an idea which may seem highly illogical. I try and argue and it fights again. Thereafter it goes quite. That’s the time when I try to listen to what it has warned or instigated me for. So far, it has stayed devoted. (I hope he would feel better tonight since I am dedicating this post to him)

We all love to dominate and who doesn’t like to rule? But, to be able to control one’s Destiny is what I am wanting to master at. I may have also, to a certain degree- but the bigger chunk is yet to come. I feel it’s about time. Someday sooner than later, I would refer to this post that this is where I have mentioned that I had felt “it” was coming.

That voice is growing stronger day-by-day. I now feel it’s time for me to evolve, to evolute and to float around. Only future time would tell in what way that would be.

About “Spirits” and my encounters with those- let me try to take them out of my Memory Bank.

They have spent enough time playing hide n seek there.

Till such time, refer to this one- My Ganshu Darling- II.1. Those pics were clicked while I was sat in pitch dark room without electricity..!! (You see those 😉 )

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8 Responses to I know it all..

    • Olivia says:

      I am so honored Ji.. it’s manifold.. 1st linking with you, then Rally, then commenting and reply commenting.. woooohoo and winning..!!!
      Happy weekend to you too Dear Friend..

  1. Jingle says:

    lovely sentiments…

  2. danroberson says:

    You’re a woman with spirit, or should I say many spirits? Your life is open for all to see. Keep reaching for your dream.

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