Spirits of my Writing

The fact that I Blog and that my real life friends read me, or even that, that I am making friends with fellow bloggers in this virtual world; I have been calling for it for a very long time now. My mom had once mentioned that perhaps I have the ability to communicate with the forces of the Nature..

So have my close friends said- as the phrase goes that “my tongue maybe black”. It is believed that whenever someone with “black tongue” speaks, the words spoken, often take shape as mentioned in reality..!!

I am yet to conclude whether it’s my Mind, my Will or my Ability (to change) that has sustained me so far. Post by post as my Biopic Log would unfold, my readers would realize my walk through the impossible terrain. The zig- saw puzzle, the twists, the maze; all are so fitted in my Life- course that I often laugh wryly about it now- I write that in my perfect senses.

My Fellow Bloggers would be able to relate to this better. I had started with a Blog wherein I used to put my thoughts about this Society. The 1st post was My Story. After a while I had felt the need to segregate my biography from that Blog. While importing (the data) to this Blog, that page also traveled and was “promoted” as the 1st chapter of my biography. The 1st of My Biopic Log’s chapter- co- incidence?

Soon I had wanted to collate my poems and dreams into a different Blog. FYI, each time you create a Blog, unless you are old enough, it takes a huge amount of writing, commenting (on others’ blog) and efforts before you notice traffic. The same happened to my 3rd Blog. I had as if single mindedly concentrated that maybe something should happen whereby, the Poem Blog itself gives me a huge traffic good enough for all the three. My Biopic Log (this one) is my Primary Blog. So expecting traffic so soon on the other one was like asking for the moon.

And then.. Jingle had picked me up, inviting me to participate in the Blog Rally. I had read about that at Time- thief’s site. She has an enormous site comprising of enviable knowledge about Blogging. She is a woman too :D. Of all the posts, I had managed to read about Blog’s Carnival right on time- or else, I would have taken that Invitation to be a Spam Link..!!

Big Deal?

Yes. I have come across such talented Bloggers; reading whom I feel I have lost some precious years keeping myself out of this Application. My Dear Fellow Bloggers, you know, I am referring to you. For Readers, they are the ones who comment on my Blog no sooner it is published (making me feel embarrassed about their Love and commitment. See, I know the words and their application too)

All I had ever wanted is some support, standing by and not those blood suckling damned relationships. Many of you would say that this is shallow. Well, then what else does a guardian do? He just shows you the way, letting you walk on your own, exploring on your way. Only a kid oblivious to all is hand- held and walked. That’s what I feel about relationships. Crippling and tiring investment of futile emotions and vested interests.

Knowledge is best- shared and linked.

It would be interesting to note that I had wanted to use this image originally in the poem. Since I had wanted to upload a particular type of an image; I had replaced the original one with the one I have now. Not only I had found exactly the way my mind had wanted (the pic now uploaded was found after many days had gone by); but also now once again posting the original pic in reference with the same poem.

Mom often said “A book is an open window“. Here I am, keeping the pledge I made to her in that poem. I am concentrating as steeply as one can.

I had so wanted to write- since my childhood. I had harbored that thought that I’ll do that someday with much élan. I am well versed with the fact that I have huge miles to travel before I say- I WRITE. This is exactly where I am communicating with the forces around me to support my being.

Nature does reciprocate. You need to stay put your focus and concentrate at that just that point to achieve what you wish to.

They say that at any given point of time, “spirits” surround us from all sides . Spirits being that, they are free of any limitations. They can what’s beyond us. The dreams, imaginations and musings- that’s how they act. Our minds can barely conceive such levels of thoughts. They are free form of energies- without any direction.

Let me now concentrate and channelize these forces to create patterns for Me.

About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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6 Responses to Spirits of my Writing

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  2. Chloe says:

    Olivia – I can relate to so much of what you have written here. As a person who has wanted to write for years, now that I have stumbled across blogging, I wonder why I did not do it a LONG time ago. The support of the blogging community has opened a doorway in my heart and has rekindled my desire to write – and, now that I have a few readers, I am motivated to write better! We cannot live in regret…just know that NOW we have found a place that lifts us and helps us in our lives.

    Oh, and that image – with the candle – is simply divine! Wow!

    Chloe xx

    • Olivia says:

      Chloe Dear,
      I am overwhelmed to have you around my Blog- I am loving reading your comments. You are right about the wondering part :). I am counting myself as a supporter too- LOLsss.
      My actual reasons of blogging apart; now I too write for myself and my readers. They keep motivating me.. Look at this when I wasn’t sure how my few posts would be taken by them, you and Amanda came flying by to put in such lovely words.. 😀
      Be around sweetheart..

      Olivia xoxox

  3. buttercup600 says:

    I have read your first posting too…you are amazing…I promise to stay and comment longer when not so busy (next week) plse dont forget about me…I love you girlfriend xxx

    • Olivia says:

      No way- how on earth you think I’ll forget my 1st girlfriend–?? You have a deadline to meet.. go ahead.. Complete that.. I’ll wait for you My Dear.. didn’t that sound so lovesick- LOLsss… hahahaha.. I love you to girlfriend..

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