My First Job, of friends and foes- I

I had found my Life back. Atleast the realization that I could, had very well set my mind up. Ruby had managed to made me live my Life again. Those few days that I had spent with her, she had spent each second of that planning for the next course of action.

As if like a mentor, she was re- shaping my fate. She would say that all I had needed was a job in tele- marketing and then look for opportunities in the newspaper the next morning. Circling the ones that she thought would suit me, she would make me go through the details.

I had even applied in Wimpy’s; the salary didn’t allure her. Moreover, it was lot different than she thought it maybe. Perhaps things had changed while we were growing up. Nvertheless, all the rounds were still covered; only to be refused while joining..!!

For that particular one, Ruby had dressed me up. I wore her suits; think, how much I had lost then. Even though she was slimmer than me; then, her suits fitted me as lose as those could be..!! Sarita didi completed my look with her make- up!! I could not wear her mojri type slippers. It was decided that that would be swapped at the last moment.

Equipped and prepared, I had gone to Hotel Siddharth for the 1st screening. While I was sat for my rounds; Ruby had met Gursharan. My Dear friend and a lost contact- now. Ajay Handa had interviewed me and disclosed that I was to work in Hotel Vasant Continental. I had left the hotel all happy. I was hired. Not knowing that that would again add to my set of experiences; girls and guys all alike!!

Ruby had almost given her complete wardrobe for me to carry home. Yeah.. I didn’t have enough to wear for work. All I had was a jeans, a few T- shirts and 2 suits maybe. I had no words to thank her then and don’t have any even now. What she has done is completely nonreturnable- both words and gestures won’t justify.

Blotch had sniffed something; yet couldn’t figure out much. I had only told him to arrange for 10 bucks so I could go for my Induction a couple of days later. I had not disclosed anything about the actual reason- masking it with just another Interview trial. As my fate would have it, he had disappeared while it was still foggy the morning I was to go for Induction.

Maybe a rupee coin was sat on the fridge. That helplessness that had clouded my mind is something that would stay forever in me. I was all ready to step out, finding not even enough coins to reach Vasant Vihar. I had not known how to react- calmly, since I was to reach for my Induction or Bewildered, because the chances to reach the venue were none.

The only I could think of was to go and borrow a couple of coins from Asha didi. She was in the veranda giving tuitions to the kids. If miracle is anything to be believed about- here was one. She had sent me back to my room assuring that she would see what she could do. She had then collected 25 paisa coins from her students, ageing between 5- 7 years old kids. Some 10- 12 bucks were collected in all..!! Enough for me to travel back and forth and maybe even buy a bread slice. 4 bread-slices were available for 1 rupee. I had spent 50 paise for breakfast.

No sooner I had reached ITO, the Blotch had come to me jumping around. Not paying any attention at all- lest  made a spectacle of my own self; I had boarded a 620 from Tilak Bridge and left. While travelling, I had cooked up a story to give them why I had reached late.

A Conference Room was booked by the Handas- the Employers. I had quietly entered the room looking around all healthy faces. I had miserably tried to put a smiling facade upon my face too. I had worn one of my saris. The same silk sari that I had worn at my cousin’s weeding. It’s a white formal satin- silk sari. I do own that still- only I have put on enough weight to not fit into any thing..!! 😀

As it was, I was made to narrate my “cooked- up” story of reaching to the Induction late. Anyways, I was to join in the next few days. Taking all the humiliation and ignoring all questions in others’ eyes; I had smiled on myself for making it till there.

While travelling back, I had only thought about how to pull on for the next 1 month before I was paid my salary. Getting a job was fine- okay- very good; but then, it also meant stretching a good 30 days before I get some cash in hand.

I would get up at 7 in the morning, get ready ready and leave by 7.30 to reach Vasant Vihar by 9.30. My 1st day at work was nothing to remember about. I could very well read- how most of them were going to hate me. Reasons- I have failed to conclude myself. Maybe because I refused to get laid?

Anyways, I had only to work towards completing my Sales Target of selling 10 All Seasons Club memberships to take home a salary of Rs.3800/-. Yeah, that was pretty decent, if only I could also save a little while commuting, nevermind.

Blotch had as if lost it seeing me leaving in the mornings so early. I had sternly told him to get my shoes and sweater back. The day I had taken those back from him, he had tried snatching my bag from me to fiddle with the contents. My resistance had surprised him. The VC notepads were in there. I had given no details of the Logo etched. He had stopped coming to my home too- suited me too well!!

I met some very interesting ladies here. I don’t wish to write about them and waste my Blog- space. I’ll only write what had happened between me and them. Not a word more. They have played their whims on me a little too bad; don’t wish to give them any more weightage.

The most beautiful girl- Shafali, was the most neutral towards me. Mansi Jain, now Das, was the most conspiring, and Gitu- no words. I don’t hold anything against her anyways. She wasn’t my friend, not even least bit receptive, so whatever she did to me, I am indifferent towards that. Sameer was the collection agent- again as tricky as itu- perhaps because they were involved. Often, I had stepped in at a wrong time at the 8th floor, in our telemarketing room of the VC hotel before our work began at 9.30!! None of my business- anyways. Anil Dhingra- a lost contact again, was neutral and very receptive. Mamta- the manager, not sure (read in between).

Besides, Debjani Ghosh was another beautiful bong lady in have met in my life. She had kept whining because she was skinny- I beg your pardon. I still have her face imprinted on my retinal curtain- a vivacious smiling and effervescent beautiful girl. Archana was good to me too- I hope I’m getting her name correct. A few more people would join soon- mostly to criticize me, a few to support me too.

I was quick to learn and was put on to mobile leads the 2nd day itself. I had sold membership to Gursharan while on mock attempt. I can almost visualize how he couldn’t refuse to a lady for a 5* membership!! LOLsss

I had gifted Sameer a sketch and one to Gitu too.. I don’t know why..!! I don’t even know what they may have thought about that. Soon, I had started performing good enough to have become an unwanted young girl who wore make- up. Oh yes- I did. So what about it?

One friend, a few bitter ones and one man- oh yes- him too. In only a few months, I had gone for an ultimate spin of my Life. I now look back into my 1st corporate job with much indifference and smirk :-/

I’ll always owe it to Gursharan for more than a few reasons. We haven’t spent much time together- officially or personally, but yet, he is one sweet guy I have come across.. You read that correct. I respect him while he is a man. Would I have wanted an affain with him? ummmm- no, I wouldn’t have wanted him in any other way. The mere memories of our friendship that we have shared, makes me smile. He had once said that we should be thankful of all the ugly people around us; it’s because of them that we learn well in advance. I can’t agree more on this.

The last I knew of him was he having shifted to Canada- he had always wanted to. He made me laugh everyday at 12. He is a surd, used to go quiet no sooner the clock struck mid- day. He would say- I do that lest I make a fool of myself. A real good human and extremely sweet- he was a real sweetheart.. 🙂

I had spent a month or two before I was made to report to Siddharth. Mansi too was shifted with me to Siddharth. Till the time she had stayed, she had kept scratching my wounds. I had met that lady a year and a half back. I had not noticed her- it was she who had and then approached me. How really shameless some people remain..!! After doing whatever she had to me, she still had the cheek to come to me again!

Happening of my 1st sales client, watching KS with the colleagues (arrgghhh!!) and loads of bitter memories were collected before I was shifted.

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