Magic- Myth busted

There’s this website – Wait, don’t jump now. You’ll only make a fool of yourself. Read the following- before you check it out- you’ll love the experience.. 😉

I had stumbled upon one such, years back. A couple of days back; I had re- discovered one of those. Only to its disadvantage. After posting it to my FB, I had spent my 2 days recalling how I had uncovered their trick the last time.

While traveling for veggie- shopping and discussing that website with my Boss, it had struck me- again.

This site claims to be reading your mind. This is what they do-

  • They put up 6 cards on the screen.
  • Asking you to pick one.
  • As you click for the next screen, you’ll notice that the card you had picked up in mind was missing..!!
  • You say WTF, it’s spooky..

Here- that’s how they play with our minds. I guess we should sometimes really not focus that close. It’s all in your mind. What they do is this-

  • The screen shows you 6 cards asking you to “select” one.
  • As you press next, the screen only shows 5 remaining.
  • Cleverly changing the entire selection of cards.
  • That way, no matter which card you choose, you’ll never find that one in the next set.
  • This is exactly how you keep brooding about the magic.

Now comes the MAGIC part.. I am sure many like me must have cracked the code.. How in name of cyber virtuality does such site exist?

Follow the illustrations (and not the instructions. Don’t click anywhere- just keep scrolling)

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Go check it out yourself how The MASTER wizard selects your card and removes it from the “pile”..

Whatever.. !$@$@#!@^#!@

(that’s my sign for profanity)

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4 Responses to Magic- Myth busted

  1. joanny says:

    an old trick kids love,,,,visual people are hard too fool though.


  2. Artswebshow says:

    LOL, that’s insane.
    Not even that clever

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