My Life working with Jaypee Hotels

My Life was soon to turn towards a peculiar incident. All that fun was about to end. As if I had known how that was about to change my course of Life; I had freaked out as much as possible.


We could order for unlimited tea. We were only a couple of us, as compared to VC. We took turns to take those extra sugar sachets home. LOLsss!!! Those sachets had lasted atleast a year and a half at my home 🙂

Once during some festival, Mansi, Deepak, Anshu and I had hitch hiked together, to reach to a Community Feeding pandal- what else, to eat!! I guess it was during navratris- before Dusshehra. We had not only eaten to our heart’s content, but also picked some more holding in our hands and hitch hiked back to work. OMG.. Gursharan too had joined in. He had almost crawled up his table and finished what we had carried for him. A mad bunch of people that we had been then.

The next day, I had carried my plastic lunch box. (I use that to keep my I- card and stuff now) We had gone to a nearby pandal- without any Lift. The girls had stood shocked when I had held out my lunch box, saying- I need this filled up for my kids and that they better hurry up, since their scool bus was expected any moment. hahahahahaha 😀 LOLsssss The ladies- yes, Anshu and Mansi- they were exactly that at 27, had only looked at each other in amusement. Deepak was beyond any reaction.


Yet another one of my Sale client, he was either Ranjit or Rajesh (sorry- I don’t remember), who had wanted to see me once. He was a Divorcee and a father of a young kid. He would call me every morning to hear my voice- whatever. After a plain Good Morning- he would mush no end. I was pretty disappointed when I had met him. He was an overweight guy and seemed very off- balance. His vision kept moving around. I mean I found him wavering. I had made a point to disappoint him as well. For days together, he had kept calling me and cribbing about the fact that why I had sent someone else in my place. That she hardly talked; much less as interesting as I did. Even though I had kept insisting that it was indeed me; he had simply written me off saying I was playing with him… LOLssssss

Sunil Diwan was another sample. To my bad luck, I had called him up (for presentation) on 14th February. He had wanted to buy the card but only if I had gone to collect the cash amount. For 2- 3 times he had sent the collection executive back; saying he had wanted to meet me!! As if I too was adamant, I had ended selling him the membership- without going over. That was a strict no- no.

I had invited to meet me instead- after months. After much hesitation, he had come over. We all had our share of fun. Our targets were met for the month and had nothing better t do. He only resembled a sloth with clear complexion. I’ll tell you why such strong words. They talked on phone as if they were nothing less than the most handsome eligible guy in town. All the colleagues were a part of this joke on that poor soul. Well, he had stopped calling me thereafter. He was taken aback meeting me.

I amn’t a “die for me” beauty, but I know how to morph into one..!!


There was yet another cute member- Kapil, who had walked in to accept the membership. Gursharan had collected that Sale. A few weeks later, he had even invited me and my colleagues to his marriage, sending an invitation card. Pardon me, my scanner isn’t working or else I would have uploaded his card. I have cut up the main Ganshu section and used it for my handicraft. The rest of the card is still with me. Someday soon.

There were a few more clients who had gotten their entire family giving me multiple sales in 1 call. It was only then that I learnt how Sameer used to get multiple sales- whenever he went to collect for Geetu. By offering them spouse cards and joining them with previous primary cards.


Vineeta had joined in to work with us. A beautiful dame with clear complexion. Her pseudo name was Roshni. Her laughter was completely unheard kinds.. with breaks. Something like his he.. he.. hee.. She had only once made a mistake of contributing 20 bucks for celebrating birthday. Whatever food we had ordered, were all cleaned up like roadside canines. We had all at once jumped on the food and polished it. I still wonder- was that Intentional to piss her off?

Thereafter, whenever we asked her to contri- she would in her typical nasal tone repeat- I’ll wish him personally. Deepak would almost echo her under the breath. Soon, I had joined hands. Spending 20 bucks didn’t really make sense for a piece of cake. I had refused to celebrate my birthday. Mansi’s was celebrated. She too was a Leo- argghh!! How could she be..!! The kisses mwaahs had all filled up the air. Ajay’s sister was as usual all over him- caring for him as if she were his mother.

Ralhan had fogotten my birthday conveniently. Nevermind. He had soon found out about I having come aware of his lies. He worked with Northern Railways and worked privately as an Architect; and not other way round. Mona was his married wife. She was a divorcée. He had married her against his family- then why all this farce? Because, she couldn’t conceive.

Bloody B*stard of the nth order; couldn’t he adopt one? For crying out loud, a woman should be squirming about not able to conceive- not that it’s any justified. “My baby should be my blood”.. Very well then, stay left alone. He had tried his level best to make me see his point. I could not. Might as well he should have gotten her medically examined before the wedding ritual then. B*stard


Share- holders meeting was conducted once. all of them were handed over a huge carton of sweets. As Deepak was, he had managed to go and help one of them to carry his carton till the gate. Poor man had suffered a fall. The GM whose office was just above ours, had been watching the entire act. He had called up at the extension saying- “Deepak, now that you have eaten the sweets, atleast get the mess cleared.” A few of the empty boxes lay where that man had fell. Overall, the GM was a sweet man- sorry, I had remembered his name till some time back- not today..


I would often make sketches and paintings to gift my colleagues on their birthdays. Our accountant Jagdish was an astrologer. All of us often killed our time talking to him asking our future- LOLsss. He dyed his hair- which is okay- only, I had pointed out almost embarrassing him. I couldn’t conclude how his dark brown hair had become black!! haha.. He seemed to be a middle class simple human. He had abused Mansi real bad when she had complained against Handa.

A Ladies’ Kitty Party sort of get together was organized in SH. Mansi had dropped in to check out. Of course, it was forbidden to step inside the party hall. Well, Ajay’s sister Mansi had dared to. Not only that, she had even participated in “Beautiful Lips” contest too. She had won that as well. Applying blue hair mascara (which had looked good on her- something that people still exclaim about when they see my hair strand colored), she had sashayed all around the hotel. I wonder why she was doing that. In no time Ajay had appeared (read: Deepak had phoned him to travel immediately).

He was most offended because good girls and Ajay’s sisters never applied hair mascara- whatever. Although fuming, Mansi had kept up her smile as if nothing had happened. Ever since, she had started revolting. Really, what was the need? She had accepted and agreed to a corrupt Handa for all these months- why did his words hurt now?

Of course, she shouldn’t have walked into the party. There was just no need. Even if she had, why did she participate. I mean, she only represented the Hotel, as good as a staff.. maybe to look for yet another Irwayoo and a job..!!

It was my payback time. Mansi had gone out to complain about Handa across the entire Hotel. She had wanted me to join her. I had not. Even though working under Deepak was more like working under a shrewd boss, I had just not wanted to become a pawn again. She was not even paid her salary- till I knew about it.

My days were anyways numbered. I had not wanted to speed- up the countdown either. I was one day asked to report to VC. Ajay had blatantly offered me to become an arm candy- in return of money of course. He had wanted to know about Ralhan. When I had cautioned him that he ought to be minding his business; he had proposed that he could fix me up with men who would then be able to give over 50,000/- bucks without any issue. It was a lot of money then. Almost maybe- close to 1,50,000/-.

I had not even cried. Only smiled.

Travelling back to home, I had chartered my next course of action. I definitely wasn’t continuing my job there. Gursharan wasn’t around. I certainly didn’t want to work with a pimp. I was offended because he had continued to speak even when I had asked him to stop. It’s fine you get all sort of people around- at the same time- I didn’t want to get pushed. In simple words- he had made his message very clear.

I was breathing in Siddharth alright- only to be suffocated soon. I was forced to leave that job and move on. That wasn’t a bit easy. I had almost burnt myself in the process. My last few days in that Hotel is something that I’ll never ever be able to forget. I had played all my cards and strategies together. The good news is that my moves fell in place; the bad news is that I had paid too heavy a price. I only had a few days before salary was to happen. I had not wanted to lose out on any opportunity to execute my next course of action.

That I still managed to smile after that episode and have now decided to write about it; is a miracle by itself..

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2 Responses to My Life working with Jaypee Hotels

  1. Betty says:

    While in India several years ago, I read the biography of the founder of the Oberoi hotels, Dare to Dream: The Life of M.S. Oberoi by Bachi J. Karkaria. A true rags to riches story I could not put down! After that, I have a new appreciation for the hotels I stay in and the management decisions. I especially love the Oberoi hotels, and the evolution of the hotel industry in India, including training programs and the employment of women, when that was considered scandalous. We stayed a week at the Cecil in Shimla, which is one of the places the new graduates go first, before going to the better known hotels. Their dormitory is across the street.

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