Let there be Light..!!

To bring in light, you need to open up all the closed doors and windows.

But first, clear the cob- webs. A rigorous dusting session would be required to take the dust off. Send the curtains for laundry. Change the upholstery.

Under the furnitures, are the most dirty floors. Check out the corners, grime would be sitting thick there. Corners are the meeting point of two walls, often infested with spider webs and molds. Relationships often tend to become furnitures. Objects of utility- stationery and taken for granted. Lift them up, move them a bit. If they creak, it’s best to replace. Both for the old wood and your house. That way, atleast they could be re- done into something new. Don’t wait until they break. They’ll bring a sitting you down too, fracturing your bones. Check in to see if any webs may have molded the common links. All you need to do is wipe the webs clean. You don’t want spiders all over your house crawling from those walls.

Pick up those candle- stands, the dripped wax may have settled around the stand. Scrape it off- layer by layer. Source of light may also be needing some cleansing. Don’t take your special loved ones- who lighten up your Life, for granted. Remove the dripped wax set there. If you don’t, the wick would someday do what it does the best. Too much of molten wax would set your house on fire. By the time your things turn into ashes, it would be too late. You wouldn’t even get to realize what brought that upon you.

Before expecting Time to heal your wounds, you need to do your bit.

It’s your mind and your ownself that is. Time is only a media; ether for all of us to float in. It would only rinse, you would have to do the cleansing yourself. Anyways, it’s you, only your efforts would do; an outside media and person will only join into the process, when you are done with it. You’ll have to lay the foundation by initiating the steps yourself. If I want my pigeons to be gracing my veranda sill, I would have to place a (now their) birdbath, to invite them. It won’t work the other way.

To be able to see around, you need to open up your eyes. You would get to see things- both ugly and pleasing. Your wanting to stay blind isn’t a solution to your wanting to see only good.

A cleaning regimen won’t help; unless, you open up the closed panes. Merely showing light won’t help, if it is dirty. The surface won’t catch much health. At times, you would need to swab more than once. It may be wanting a hard scrub too.

Definitely, cleaning isn’t a very alluring job.. But staying dirty is certainly not the lifestyle you should lead instead.

Staying indoors to avoid ugly surroundings really won’t do any good. You would not know of the world and would stay possessed within your own dust. Don’t forget; keeping yourself locked accumulates dust too. You need to bring yourself out to open and under the sun to keep yourself refreshed.

You’ll have to do the cleaning keeping the windows and doors open. Or else, the dust will keep settling on you, irritating your state of being. Your immediate neighbors and passersby would get to watch you doing the spring cleaning. They would come aware of the amount of dirt, furniture and your space of accommodation.

To be able to attain Salvation, you need to have served all your Karmas.

That’s precisely what I am doing. writing My Biography. Enlightenment is all I need.

Remember, the two best things- shower and s*x; are enjoyed bare and naked the best..?? Besides, you were born naked- so why the facade now? 😉

About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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4 Responses to Let there be Light..!!

  1. Jamie Dedes says:

    Spiritual and emotional housekeeping … that’s a good thing …

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