My Saturday Date

It was sweet- I choose to call it a Date.. 😀

Perhaps, no-one gets as many opportunities as I do. To live, forgive and enjoy.

I had traced my ex- boss, on FB late night after pressing that post. Really now, Life couldn’t get any better.

I had not been able to speak much with him for 3 months that I had worked with him in 1997- courtesy Rajat. He would always tell me to stay steer clear of his elder brother. Obviously, he had not wanted even a dead soul to be knowing about his Casanova life- style.

Well, I had sent him a message on FB asking if he remembered anything of me. His reply was simple- yet spoke volumes (I do this bit of reading beyond words). I won’t give details of his personal things- excepting the things that I am or was already a part of. I had observed him pretty close- that’s my second nature anyways. What’s the 1st again? Reading people. Actually, that goes hand in hand.

He was struggling to come out of his 1st emotional episode- when I had met him the 1st time. He had lost his lady only a year back. Yet, he had wanted to keep himself strong and carry on with his Life. After maybe a year and a half, he had wanted to settle down again. BTW, marriages are great affairs; more social than personal- here in India. I did get to meet this other lady a couple of times.

I would keep to myself at work- almost occupied. That instance was still fresh- barely a few days old. If that was not all, there was confusion about Rajat- that had cropped up too. Details later please. He would keep pressing me to stay cheered up. “Pressing”, because I wasn’t very communicative. What would I have told him that I was involved with his youngest brother- for nothing? Nevermind.

He would keep suggesting that I go and meet one Ms. Raj for a counselling session. Really!! I had not needed that. I strongly believed and still do- that it’s all within yourself. Counselors don’t undergo what you do while taking that crap. Unfortunately, good friends don’t happen in this age of rat- race; and so, such counselors have made it into our lives. You know what I mean?

He would often suggest me that I get married and start leading my Life in a big way. He had known a little about me. He had wanting me to get settled. It had bothered me so much that I had almost asked him what were his apprehensions in extending that help himself! He was not to know that Marriages don’t happen unless destined- did I say Destiny? A bitter fact that he has learnt about now. I wish he had not..!!

Feelings? ummm.. maybe.

I had troubled him the most while working with him. Our work- styles had clashed. I just don’t know why; but I always goofed up at the simplest of the tasks. Good, that I had worked with him at one point of time- even though it was short stint. A few basics that I have learnt, have taken me to a level, where I am single handedly responsible for all Data Maintenance; at my present place of work.

Data Maintenance? My readers know how good I am at it- LOLsss

Although we had met for a very short time- he was expecting guests at his place; we ended up staying together for over 4 hours. While discussing the not so pleasant things; we had gone out on a drive. Oh yeah!! I love long drives- Even though that I don’t look forward to be falling in Love (the concept of Love is pretty subjective for me), I don’t cease to grab the opportunity whenever I get one to go out on a pleasure trip.

It was a mixed evening. Things he shared about himself were not so nice. The very fact that he could speak out- was pleasing. I wish he had spoken with me back then too. Wait..!! I have already said so yesterday. My Dear sweet readers, please don’t try to read beyond 😉 I maybe cooking in my mind- but out loud, there’s no fire; or maybe there is some- 😀

Life comes full circle. The same guy who had once wanted me to stay alive is the one- who acknowledged that if anyone has actually stayed alive- that’s me. I had always assured him that no matter what, I would keep giggling even in the worst of my situations. Here, after 12 years and just so many bitter experiences that Life could have given me- I had sat giggling next to him. I must admit, I had acted as if I was the same teenager and not a woman of 33.

But that’s how I am. I can’t stop to laugh about. That’s so not Me. I have the capacity and audacity both; to laugh at the ugliest of the episodes- right on their face. Happiness lies within you- incase you join that with outwardly things, the chances are that the moment that thing is gone, you would clam back to your shell; feeling more miserable.

On second thoughts, clams stay in vast sea waters. They are as delicate as tendons. They reflect upon to a very important message. That one should know how to balance one’s life and not lose into the depth of situations. Shell is fine, but only to stay and survive and not to adopt as a lifestyle.

Musings– He would tell me that I would fit into a corporate kind of an office. I still don’t know if that was out of sarcasm- but yes, I have enjoyed working with global MNC and corporate offices. I had also constructed a Doll- House while working with him. It was a delicate wooden construction that I had never attempted at before. A company uses that on their brochure for commercial. He confessed yesterday that that was his idea to put that image on the catalog. Atleast, I have him now to stamp the fact that I had slogged over something as complicated as that.. 😀 We discussed everything that we could- both about him and me; separately though- thanks. Of Rajat’s hit on me and my rude reaction. Of my Past.. all that’s on My Blog anyway. Yeah, he checked My Blog too.. 🙂 Nice of him to have attempted to know me before meeting me (winkie!!) A common link was also discovered amongst our circle.

He stays from where I had started my stay- here in Gurgaon. What is time pointing at, this time? That my stay here is over now?That it’s time for me to move on?

A sagging roll- over or a new beginning?

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12 Responses to My Saturday Date

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  3. snigdha says:

    Hi Olivia,

    It always a pleasure reading your posts. Your writing is very engaging.

    Lots of Love


    • Olivia says:

      Hey Sniggs, what a pleasant surprise sweetheart.. 😀 Thankyou.. you happen to be one of the pros.. coming from you, it’s big.. 😀

      loads of Love to you too sweetheart xoxox

  4. Jamie Dedes says:

    🙂 See you soon …

  5. Jamie Dedes says:

    … and clams make pearls out of the thing that irritates them … 🙂

    Live and Live, my dear. Happy Sunday …

    • Olivia says:

      Now you know why I call you My Dear Sweet Jamie.. I am laughing reading your comment and my eyes are wet too.. Aren’t you so beautiful yourself.. ??

      Wishing you a wonderful day and sensual evening.. 😉
      With Loads of Love- mwaaaaah xox

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