“Time” is not the Biggest Healer

It’s the Time, that reflects the biggest message possible-

  • To Move On.
  • To Roll By.
  • To stay detached after the moment passes by.

Time isn’t the healer. Mind is. It is your mind that makes you understand and assess. Time only acts as a medium. It won’t carry you forwardly if you choose to sit down and cry. That’s what the time teaches. To carry on. To not halt.

Ever watched a clock?

  • The seconds wing keeps flying..
  • The minutes wing keeps recording..
  • The hour wing watches minutely..

Apparently, they all move away.

  • The seconds wing circles it immediately again.
  • The minutes wing takes a little time to circle again.
  • The hours wing does that after a very long time.

The closely the wings observe, the later they re- pass the ticking. Then again; each time that they do so, they show a different time.. The longer you take to transition (instead of hurrying over); the farther you keep yourself from bumping onto it again!

The 3 simple needles make the date and day happen making them change to weeks, months and years. History won’t have happened if time hadn’t moved. Centuries won’t have happened if time had stopped.

Likewise, to change; you need to move. You need to grow. You need to morph. Coal won’t have become diamond if it had resented. It would have gotten decayed. It would have failed to stay coal even.

Watch the watch closely.

It keeps its face up no matter what. Never ever would it tell time without showing up. With pride; it shows its wings flying by. It doesn’t feel embarrassed to reflect upon a non- stationery aspect. “Move on” is not that in itself. It contains a big one.

  • Move On- Walk past
  • Move On- Look beyond
  • Move On- Don’t repeat
  • Move On- Think.. Think.. Think.. till you hit the right perspective!!
  • Move On- Or else it would stale and stink
  • Move On- Stationery is synonymous with suspended, staggered and stagnated
  • Move On- Oh yes, let go of it- now 🙂
  • Move On- Till you can
  • Move On- and that’s what you should.

Wind is only when the air moves; else, it’s vacuum.

Spring is till it “falls” else it becomes standing puddle.

Will you stop breathing because it’s storming?


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Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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11 Responses to “Time” is not the Biggest Healer

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  2. dan says:

    You have reached well beyond the visual and captured part of the meaning of life.
    Life indeed moves forward. I decided it was either step aside or go along for the ride and enjoy the scenery. Thanks for your insight.

    • Olivia says:

      Hey Dan, You just said it.. that’s right, we need to take that ride and enjoy too!! We often keep slacking and cribbing- ignoring every good thing that we own in the process..
      Thankyou so much for your beautiful words here. It made me smile 🙂
      Happy Wednesday.. xox

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  4. Jamie Dedes says:

    A lot to think about, Olivia. A lot of depth … Make peace …

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  6. Collin says:

    Very nicely written post Olivia. I liked it.

  7. buttercup600 says:

    Wind is only when the air moves; else, it’s vacuum….so much meaning Liv…loved this xx

  8. Lyn says:

    So happy to sink into all this wisdom.
    Mind needs to be brought to a state of rest. Time includes our limitations.
    We have to make peace with both.

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