Wanting to go beyond

I wish to know all about Life, Death and Beyond.

What connects Death and Birth? We all know- it’s Birth -> Life -> Death -> … -> … The doted lines is what I wish to know about. I so wish to raise myself above the mundane, attaining super- conscience. Remain human; yet un-attached. Become God and be worshiped. Not because I want to feel special; but because I would have attained super- conscious. You become great- no sooner you achieve something rare and not much explored. Live in this world- yet never die.

Immortality happens to a mere- mortal. I wish to go beyond- being a human. To be able to detach my soul- giving energy and maintain myself at that level. If you go through the Autobiography of a Yogi; you would know that all of these are physically possible. While in modern times, it’s becoming more and more tricky. Since we need to run our own rat races; there are ways of still walking the trail of the path, the way you wish to.

Miracles are not as rare as we believe them to be. Probably, we just don’t wish to believe in them.

“Virtuality” of any fact is fascinating. It says that it’s Reality; although Virtually. It’s “Yes” and “Maybe” pressed together. It’s a delicate and illuminating swing between Life and Beyond. It says- it could or not be as well. Just a subtle thread away from being a Myth. It’s “Make Believe”. So here I am, within my beautiful world of “make believe”. It isn’t about “making yourself believe”; but “Making, what you believe in..”

Did you notice that there isn’t a stop/negative/closing factor? Perhaps the opposites don’t exist at all. It isn’t Reality and Fantasy; instead, it’s Reality and Impression. Then why stopping at Death? Death isn’t the opposite of Life. Attaining a level of super- conscience is. A level that would free one of both Life and Death.

How beautifully the cyber- space takes the content of my mind to travel across the virtual world, connecting with the Reader’s mind- inturn making me connected with you all..!

It seems- Cyber World may be just another dimension of Super- Conscience.

It connects my words beautifully with everyone across the Globe, communicating even when I may be snoring peacefully at night. Any thing in it’s absolute form, is free of any time- line. It is this cyber- space that is circulating my thoughts all around. Even to the places that my mind may not be able to conceive of.

Exactly, in this manner; I am wanting to become the omniscient, all pervading, the reigning Queen of all forms– all across the Globe and beyond. To raise myself beyond the Definition.

It is the Definition, that sets the Limitations.

About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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4 Responses to Wanting to go beyond

  1. Angela Cohan says:

    Dear Olivia,

    Your writing is so profound. Thank you for sharing your “Loads of Love” with me.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. dancingfreak says:

    Oh my!!!

    lovely post but a strange thought 😐

    • Olivia says:

      Hey Harshika, I know- Just why do you think I Blog..? 😉
      I have been only been pondering, before I started writing them here- now, it feels better.. Oh..!! it’s as good as if I were to become a free- spirit. Why even now- you are reading what I am writing on my Desk- top! Technology? Nah.. a more towards super- connectivity, super- conscience.. freeing me of the limitations of time, motion and relativity.. what say..?

      Loads of Love sweets.. xox
      Don’t forget to claim your award- https://oliviasbiopiclog.wordpress.com/2010/10/09/love-you-loads/

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