Rule your Destiny

The Subtle- form stays inside our Mind.

Look at it this way

  • Performing severe austerities makes you a super- being. Inturn, enabling you to produce another Life image of yours and liberating your Life giving Soul, so you “practically” travel through the time- lines and not only the geographical bounds alone.
  • Aren’t we talking of “stem cells” and “cloning”? Maybe one of the DNA combinations end up giving a super- intelligent being, free of the degenerative process that we eventually get sucked into. If we can produce a Dino in this age, well then, it’s only a matter of time when space and ocean won’t be the only thing talked about on the Information Channels.

We would not only be able to move within the different timelines; but also within each other’s mind. Tough to believe? Alright, just take hypnotism a little ahead of where it stands today. Isn’t meditating self- hypnotism? Telepathy..? Intuition..?

If you read a few pre- vedic texts, you would realize that creating a subtle body is possible. It does exist within ourselves. It is this, where all your Intuitions are generated and interpreted. Premonition, Pre- cognition and Dreams are it’s way of communicating to our more conscious portion of mind. At any given point of time, you are not alone. This happens to be your Inner Voice.

I am sure we all have sat analyzing the pros- cons as the jargon goes, of something, at some point in time. Now you know who talks to you making you realize the setbacks? While your dumb mind gives the alluring factors which are merely mirages..!

If you really follow something passionately- anything that maybe your hobby or even beyond; this is the “form” that gets active enlightening your whole being. How possessed you become while pursuing that passion; would determine how Enlightened you are.

The process of “thinking” isn’t just that. Your mind getting fueled by your minor/subtle- form then controls your conscious/visible part of your being. Anytime you are self- counseling; it’s your subtle- form that is talking to you. “Inner- voice”..? This is it. Now, you would perhaps believe that we are the Divine within ourselves.

We are a form of energy. They say “we” are captivated within the Human- bodily cage. I say; it’s more like as if we ourselves are responsible for this. “Your subtle form” is who you are.

So if we are free form of flowing energies, why the heck do we look like the way we do? Why aren’t we designed more as Angels floating in the ether?

Kids are born almost incapacitated in all possible manner. We grow them, helping them to learn how to do everything on their own. Likewise, right now we are babies, we need to reach beyond our age and tap that “grown up” part hidden within us. We need to become self- dependent. Oh yes, working for salary isn’t becoming self- dependent. Our sense organs are our crutches. We are so en-caged and stay en-slaved to those.

Ever tried to walk with your eyes closed? Or sway while just thinking of a song in your mind and not really singing or even humming? Have you thought of someone- and he just showed up? Hit by a Chemistry the 1st time on meeting someone? That’s where he/she would take you further to achieve what you so wish to. This process is up even without you realizing. If you realize and understand what you want; you would make your travel a little smoother.

Maybe- now you should let go of all hard- feelings about the people who back- stabbed you. They have only helped you attain your Destiny. You see now, you create your own Destiny by self- realization. All hobbies are creative vent- be it any. Why else a painter strokes his master- piece after following a heartbreaking sequence?

This is where you control your Destiny. By thinking about the things you want. By wanting them in a super- beneficial order. By definitely not thinking about self gain alone. It’s not as tough. Let me tell you how.. You want money? Don’t forget charity. If you concentrate hard enough keeping the “charity” portion is mind as well; you would see- you would become wealthy in no time. Likewise, you wish to learn a new hobby; think about what benefit would that be to the rest of your people (if not whole of the world in the beginning). This is how Knowledge is best shared.

If only clams give up their pearls, would they make more.

You desire of things in a bigger manner. You constantly stay high consumed in your own pursuance, within your mind. It is like becoming the reigning super- Queen for all times. This is where you would recollect your past Life instances, make amends, fulfill Karmas.

Once again, let go of the hard- feelings. Or else, you would do something to hurt the other one and damage your own smooth travel. Really, all actions do generate motion in the Universe. You just don’t want to create a negative whirl for yourself. Anyone who creates issues for you, would anyways be hit by his Destiny- sooner than later. Maybe, once upon a time, you had been ruder.. Go ahead- like 2 wrongs won’t make even half right; stop feeling negative and instead laugh it off. Smile as often as you can- you’ll be easy to your own self.

Don’t forget what happened to you; just don’t stay bitter. Let go of it- completely. You can only do this if you are completely un- attached to anyone. That’s when you Love all and hate none. The state of Indifference can only be attained if you consciously choose to stay solo. You may keep performing the worldly duties but just don’t let them hurt you or your state of being. You need to master the art of Moving On.

This is how you serve your Destiny.

By creating one for yourself and rule it. If you don’t realize what potential you maybe hiding inside, your deeds would never be balancing your past Karmas. Think (to realize) before you Act (controlling your Destiny in the process)

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7 Responses to Rule your Destiny

  1. we are a form of energy… i enjoyed reading about the subtle body where the true answers are found…

  2. lynnaima says:

    It is indeed freeing to live within the “spirit form”
    It allows one to remain detached to every event that might impinge itself on one’s psyche.

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