Look Around- Open Up

Life isn’t all that bad..

All you need to do is, remove the blind- fold. Let the light reach your eyes. It’s all around you. You have chosen to stay blind- folded!!

Really, just look around- don’t you see it’s brightly lit? Now, if you stay deep inside the attic, how would you know of it? Alright, you may have come out- but then, wouldn’t you put your face up now? The light may prick your eyes; does that mean you’ll stay in Dark?

I wish, there were classes on “How to deal with Life challenges” as one of the Main subjects in High School. Then again, it’s the basic attitude..!! What’s the fun being stuck up at a point that’s in past? What’s gone is really gone! You cannot change it. If at all, you can change your attitude and your understanding about these things.

I have observed pretty close that the Losers often love to preach and lecture. Un-necessarily, often. By “Loser”, I mean people who wear a downtrodden look no matter what!! Doesn’t matter what their age maybe, they excel in hunting for reasons to stay gloomy- however silly and retarded it maybe. Sadistic sarcasm happens to be their 1st nature.

The biggest way of preaching- is to live by example by ownself. No offence meant, but most of the men I have met are rudely stuck to a pothole.. wanting someone to pull them out. No problems with that. However, if you wish to be pulled out- you need to stretch your arm up. Do not expect me to get inside the ditch and crib for the rest of my Life; because then, that would make me also stay inside that ditch and with you!! !$@$%$##@

If anyone needs to Move On, it’s them.. Some people just never come to terms with the Life Truths. They keep standing as a Pillar on puddle. Neither can they stand still, since they are on a puddle; nor can they fall apart, since the puddle keeps them pulling inside. The beauty of it is that these confused, sardonic creeps are pretty capable of turning you into one. Never under- estimate their capacity. They infect you like a deadly virus.

(Definiton: A virus is a small infectious agent that can replicate only inside the living cells of organisms)

Now you know what I mean? These people stay perfectly calm when left in a sterile condition (solitude or within their problems- whatever). They only display the symptoms of being a Lunatic, once placed on the breeding culture; i.e., someone unknown to his pattern who in turn becomes the victim. These confused, beaten-up souls have all the capacity to turn you too, into a Host. I have personally experienced that the negative energies (as the jargon goes) are more powerful and permeating ones than the positive energies.

I told you- it’s one’s basic attitude.

If you are pessimist, you would never ever be able to look for a new dimension. You would not make any efforts to look for one. Since, it’s bound to crash anyways. Wherein, the positive thinker- would still be hopeful! He’ll keep trying unless he gets a new and lifesaving perspective to the newest issue. Afterall, you aren’t stuck 40,000 ft above the ground in an air- craft with fuel needle dipping to zero. Go run, get a chute!! Nevermind; what if it crashes before you reach? So stay wherever you are- say your last prayers and smoke your cigar.

Ever watched the TOM n JERRY series? Anytime Tom foresees his “death”; he blindfolds himself, lets his Cigar and puffs up in the air. Now, he had all the time to do that but he couldn’t run. Cartoons being only that, Tom is never run by that Train. Life is a different kind of travel. Even if you may not be standing at the train tracks, the moment you blindfold yourself, you are bound to hit by some unknown object. Unknown- why that? Remember- you have tied a cloth around your face, eyes to be precise- you can’t see?

What’s done is done- you can’t change it. Perhaps, they just don’t seem to understand that. Even if you wish to MOVE ON, they would prove to be the biggest impediment, reminding you about your losses! Please keep in mind- you can’t Time Travel (yet) and change what’s happened already. However, you can choose to accept it by staying completely indifferent to things that can’t be undone.

Isn’t “Past” equivalent to Death? Can you transverse “Death” yet? Anyways, you can only dare change a veracity after you have accepted it. Unless you haven’t come to terms with it- how would you learn of its finer nuances? What would be your plan of action to battle it? To expect a perfect victory, you need to know it in and out. That would only happen if you make friends with it- by accepting it, acknowledging and then facing it. That’s it.

By keeping your eyes closed, you are denying yourself of a better Life! How justified is it to whine about what you don’t have and ignore all the luxuries you own- in the process?

Maybe that’s too much of an effort. Let me guess- are they the same people who keep their head covered while sleeping too?


Enjoy the Cartoon- However- don’t try that in real Life, it won’t really work.

The Tom smoking the cigar portion has been edited- Thank heavens..!

About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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10 Responses to Look Around- Open Up

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  2. Chloe says:

    This was a totally awesome post – filled with such good advice…and so much truth. You rock girl !! 😉 xx

  3. Jingle says:

    love Tom Jerry cartoon,
    uplifting message here.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Olivia says:

      Yeah Ji..
      I got to interact with someone who was so downtrodden in his attitude that he remained affecting my mind for almost a week!! This is why I decided to write about this. My last few posts were largely around this only!!

  4. Dillon says:

    “I mean people who wear a downtrodden look no matter what” – I don’t know, I might be one of those people. I’m a realist with a lot of optimism and a bit of pessimism at times. But mostly realism.
    But yeah, people that fit that “Loser” title you’ve described do seem to try to convert your views to be similar to theirs.
    Anyway, great post!

    • Olivia says:

      Hey Dillon- appreciate your stopping by. Being “realistic” is not being a Loser. To keep ignoring to even understand the reality, is one..
      Humor this- Can you go back and change something that has happened in the past time? Then, it was certainly not related to you.. Now it maybe because of the turn of the things- all you can do is to be level headed by handling that stance and not run away from it..
      Look at it this way- a Loser and Me- we sharing our views on certain things. Assuming I kept talking about my sermons, it was the other one who won; coz, he then forced me to walk his line of thoughts by not at all talking about the things!! Here I am, completely optimistic and yet having achieved nothing- you see what I am saying..? The issue was not at all addressed because it was too much of a hopeless one- as put across by him.. You see, wasn’t he trying to assert his view? Moreover, he almost got away with it. Only that I am not at all related to him and so not bothered about his take. Well, if he had heard me out, he would have earned a friend for himself- so have I. You see what I mean..?
      I will write in detail about it- after sometime. Let me assess it in every possible manner. Till then, this is what I have- Getting Rid of yet another Loser
      Nevermind him- I am blessed to have been left!!
      Loads of Wishes and Love- xox

  5. buttercup600 says:

    Attitude is everything, I so very much believe that Liv…great post …great vid 🙂 xxx

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