Part- II “Working Out”

This is in continuation to my earlier post- Part-I “Working Up”.

My Life had as if hit a dead point in June- 2008. I had spent 4 complete months locked up inside a room in a Guest House. It was during my stay there in Sushant Lok that I had picked up a few habits.

Some habits that have become an nondetachable part of my survival now..

I was confined to a single room for 4 months. I had no one visiting me. One of my school friends stayed very nearby; it seemed- she always kept busy. I had once stepped out to meet Sophie on her insistence. I know- I had been such a pain to them by keeping to myself! I had nothing better to do- excepting to stay sit and brood.

All I did the whole of my days, was to sit and brood. About everything!! Of My Travel From childhood till then. Since I wasn’t really hooked up to watch Television, I would be bored to death.

Reluctantly, I had started watching “Colors”- that was the newest addition to the existing TV Channels. I would watch “Tom n Jerry” and “Ben 10” like they were my Life- Cord!! I have become so versed with each of the “Tom n Jerry” episodes, that I can almost voice over the sounds 🙂 How I had wanted to watch Cartoon Network the whole day when I was in my High School..!

“Balika Vadhu” still remains my favorite watch. That prankish old lady “Dadisa” reminded me of my interaction with that “Lady P“. I become so defensive when someone tries to mock jokingly upon my watching Cartoons or even this serial! I had always loved watching cartoons. As matter of fact, I owe my diction and learning English language, to “Cartoon Network” alone. Back then, when I studied in school, the cable operators ran that channel in between the movie switches.

It was exactly at this time that I had wanted to write. All about myself, my mind and my conclusions upon Retrospection. It was a Herculean task to keep my faith up. I would cry for hours at a stretch, wondering about the conclusion of that phase. Today, as I go back in time and try to assess myself; I realize that I was way too strong back then. I wasn’t being as vulnerable as I had thought myself to be.

How else do you think I am talking about it without getting affected?

It was during this period that I had clicked that snap- shot!! Some snap shot it turned out to be!! No self- praise 🙂 Just check my Gravatar. I bet no one can guess what all was tearing my mind cells. How a picture that was captured while staying there, has now become my signature Identity!! It’s the same snap that’s on my Blog Template.


One other thing that had germinated during this period was my intention to Lose. I had put on weight like a stuffed up Bolster. What else would happen if one was to sit still inside a room doing absolutely nothing? As my Quality Manager- Swati, always suggested to adopt a Holistic View about things; likewise, “Losing” was more than to lose weight alone. It was to become free, to evolve, to elevate my state of being!!

By writing about all that had lived with me making me more like them instead of letting Me be; I am now in a process of shedding all the remembrances. I am only wanting to be Me. No extra weight of any relationship, expectations thereof resulting in more confusions and disappointments!

I strongly feel that My Day of Celebrating- My state of being is nearing me. I have been wanting it to happen for long now. Often my superiors stated that I am impatient- I am only focussed. I am only trying to achieve what is meant to be My Real State of Being. I achieve what I desire of- to say so; I follow my instincts. It’s my Instincts again, pointing out to a certain celebrated standard of level. I have doused myself working towards attaining that state so passionately, that it has now become my Life- Line.

To lose weight is mass and measurement is also one of the things 😀 How else would I groom myself? LOLsss

My close friends would stamp it. I marvel at planning strategically to achieve what I so wish to. I just hate to wait. When I want it, I just get it. I build up that momentum in my Desires and thoughts that the Final Post hits me automatically. I have done that so many times, I am all charged up to make that happen yet again. This time round, everyone would stand with me to celebrate the event.

The celebration of discovering the Real Me, My Real Life- the way it should be- the way- As I Am.


Note: As I Am happens to be my 1st post of Blogging. Incidentally the Preface of my still under construction Biography. I call it My Biopic Log.

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Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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11 Responses to Part- II “Working Out”

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  3. Olivia – Always enjoy stopping by your spot to read. You have such a peaceful way of telling even sadder stories with humor. I admire how you handle the world, wish I had your fortitude!


    • Olivia says:

      Crb, I love your stopping by and putting across these words for me. I get super inspired reading them. So much simplicity and Love that filters through what you write. I won’t say a light- weighted “you make my day”; instead, I so look forward to your comments simply because you write how you feel!! And that’s a direct feedback upon how I write. What I write is my Lifestyle, I mean, this is exactly how I am..
      I am blessed!! Although I have no one around me technically; yet, I have the whole world around to “Cheer” for me..!!

      So much of Love to you My Dear Friend.. xox

  4. Chloe says:

    Olivia – what strikes me as I read this is how strong you are as a woman! Wow! You are a survivor and destined to touch people’s lives by the way you express your own experiences. So many people will be able to find strenght in your words – I know I certainly do.

    I am back to blogging now and so will start popping by on a regular basis – I’d like to read all of your posts to date, but time is always an obstacle. Love you loads though and will respond to your email on Facebook soon.

    Keep smiling 😀 😉
    Chloe 😀 xx

    • Olivia says:

      Chloe Darling,
      Aren’t you one super- sweet woman 🙂 ooops @$#%$@ I mean girl?? 😉
      @#$#@^#$^% is profanity.. LOLsss
      I really wish- girls pick it up and help themselves get up instead of sitting down and cribbing with their head held low.. I mean- head’s to be held high. Why else it sits on top of our body?? Nevermind that!!
      I strongly believe that you are what you are, no one else needs to carve your definition. One needs to realize that it’s SELF and not DEPENDENCE!! Just how many men are really dependent on women.. for their state of being?
      Likewise, a woman has to be self dependent and her SELF really need not be dependent- well..

      I am loving your being around.. Love to read such long ones- 😉 Count on me for anything that you would ever want to share, or discuss or even speak up- like mindless girlie talks- a huge LOLssssss

      Chloe- Load of Love y Sweetheart 😀 xox

      • Chloe says:

        Lols – “I mean- head’s to be held high. Why else it sits on top of our body??” – you make some stunningly refreshing comments my friend! And wow – I have not been called a girl for a long time – so hugs to you for making my day…at the age of 37, that’s the kind of compliment I could do with on a regular basis! LOLsss. Thank you!!!!! 😀

        Well, it has been said before, but you really are gifted at writing. I can imagine you writing an amazingly successful ‘self-help’ book, or motivational book…you have the ability my friend, without a doubt.

        Likewise, you can count on me to have a mindless (or meaningful) girlie talk…anytime…

        Love to you!!! 😀 xx

        • Olivia says:

          We are already enjoying some real heart-to-heart Chat.. aren’t we..? Aaah 37 is such a sexy age I tell you!! I am 33.. 😛
          So we are close- don’t worry!!

          Thanks for those kind words.. I am amazed at my ownself since now I write about all the “not so good” things with as much humor.. 😀 I am enjoying every bit of it- no doubt..!! Motivational Book– wow!! I am all boasted up feeling so nice.. LOLsss

          hahahaha- count on me for any number of flattery and compliments- this is harmless and keeps the other one going. I mean we already have our sets of issues- why not laugh about and giggle whenever possible.. With me, make that- every time- no matter what!! I really giggle out at any given point of time- that said, I cry too!! Scary…. LOLsss

          Girlfriend- here, I am always around for my Loved ones.. Now you know why I called you a family..?

          LOVIES— xoxoxox 🙂

          • Chloe says:

            Hi sweetheart 😀 I am back blogging and responding to emails after spending a romantic time up in Scotland with my new man. I am just gonna go respond to your email on Facebook, but just wanted to let you know I am still ALIVE!!! Oh yeah!!

            Love ya xx

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