Writing it Out

“Writing” is yet another way to capture “snap- shots” within words..

It’s completely upto you how you draw what you have observed. It’s even better than clicking!! A lot of shades of the fore- ground could also be added. That’s how you enhance the shade of this one. It is just like drawing that snap- shot. You very much control what you wish to depict.

  • It could be veiled.
  • It could be a monochromatic one.
  • It could be in Technicolor.

The resultant image is etched in the readers mind..

The reader isn’t viewing any image here. Instead that is created in his mind. He gets to fill the exact shades that you offer in the palette. What’s even more amusing is the fact that he adds the visuals one by one like how you do in an animated powerpoint presentation!

It’s magical..!!

Unlike the snap- shot, the visuals here move. They are full of Life. They are live characters. They aren’t at a freeze and captivated. They breathe every time that they are read. Yet, they don’t age. They become more youthful with each passing decade.. unless they hit the Golden era where older the work gets, the greater vintage the work is awarded!

The identification and in the absolute manner that it was so conceived, would decide upon the clarity of that picture..

The Writer gets to put the finer strokes himself. He becomes both an artist and a photographer. He captivates the essence of what he observes, drawing it to the perfection with his choice of shades and tones. His choice of words creates the same period where he made his observations. The whole hourglass as if gets tilted within his writes. Every time a reader reads it; as if the time stops to flow!

The entire timeline halts by- to produce that sketch in the reader’s mind, for which the code is so written within the writer’s words. As if the tale starts to live. The “fiction” becomes the fact.

There is absolutely no limitation.

The writer could use his choice of words, count of those and the way that he so wishes to. The “size” wouldn’t really have to be bothered with. The writer can highlight as many details as he would so want to.. but unless that becomes as serene as if viewing the valley, with your own naked eyes. The Writer lets you draw a beautiful picture in your mind, every time you read his written words.

The Tale at times, becomes the Told.

Make that “often”- actually. We believe in what we read. It creates a huge impact in one’s mind. Such is the beauty! The whole set of words line a beautiful image of a captivating story- all at the same time..

Note: I maybe completely gone for the whole month of November. Incase I come up with an idea, there maybe a post or two- not very sure of as of now.. Wish me luck- I need loads of it.. 🙂

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Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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9 Responses to Writing it Out

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  3. caseykayb says:

    The timeless quality of words is truly impressive. The fact that, as a writer, you get to control that moment in time is a very empowering feeling. Very well put.

    P.S. Good luck in NaNoWriMo! I will also be working toward it all month.

    ~Casey Kay~

    • Olivia says:

      Hey Casey, Thank you for stopping by!! I am so glad you appreciate what I have stated here. It was a random flash in my mind and hence had to write it down..

      Good Luck to you too.. xx
      * Hugs *

  4. alakaline says:

    Totally agree with your view Olivia. I scribble a lot of poetry and also dabble in sketching and art in general, so have a good idea of what you’re saying 🙂

  5. Thanks to you, I’m going to take the writing challenge too!
    I’ve shared the site with others too.
    Good luck my dear friend…see you in December 😉
    Although I am beyond my child bearing years, I feel as though there is one of my own on the way…

    • Olivia says:

      Wow Susan- Please do- You could Look me up as a buddy- Oiviawriteshere is my name there!! Congratulations and all the best- do let me know the moment you sign up- I’ll join you as my buddy..
      Love xx

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