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Listening to the fact that I had spent my whole night speaking to a stranger, VP had screamed his lungs out.

I was comfortably perched at the edge of my bed- box and he was walking down the main road at MN. Not even once was he ready to listen that his was his ex- girlfriend who had circulated my cell number to a stranger, for him to find out what was brewing between me and him! As obnoxious as he has been till then, he had only kept screaming.

I was not his property.

Even then, he took no accountability that his ex had made all that happen. It had bothered me no end when I had got a call from some one completely unknown and aware of my facts. I had to try and find out in depth where that was going to. Talking to the gentleman to find that out seemed the only practical action. I had tried telling VP when this pseudo cousin of his ex had called me up in the evening. He had simply negated my talks.

Either ways, I had only wanted an excuse to break away!

Imitating his very pet peeve.

I had not called him up after his screaming ordeal and that call had ended. Two days later Tanu had started calling me up. The same girl who had instructed this new guy to call under pretense and find out about me. Even in my teens I had kept it pretty straight and simple. Taking so many mazes to walk through and find a way out was not Me.

What for?

VP had never seemed to be talking straight. It was him who was multi- dating and lying blatantly about that. I was simply fed up of dealing with him. He remains to be the most obnoxious person I have met so far! No offence meant, but why “V” had always to screw my already riveted Life?

It was during the same time that I had started digging his truths out. One after the other as if things were opening themselves up for me to understand. I had almost beaten him away! How he had wanted me to go and shop and then crib that I had wasted all money buying bags and shoes. Bloody Pauper! BTW, he owed me that sum so it was practically my money.

Once I had to travel to Ruby’s place for staying over the weekend. I had bought a few meal packs for dinner from Nizam’s. Unfortunately, VP had “begged” for me to stay with him till I boarded the Metro Train. He had whined complaining about how thoughtlessly I had blown away my cash in the most filthy manner.

To hell with that wretched parasite!

I had started going out with this new man. He is the most well behaved of all men that I have met as on date. Keeping the age difference in my mind; I’ll call him as “oldie” from now on. Although he has given his total consent for I writing about him, there are complications that I wish to avoid that would spring up by making a mention of his name here. If you follow this sequence close enough, you would find out the reasons for yourself in some time.

Oldie had been looking for someone who could be of help towards his work. There were heaps of work that he had wanted some one to sort out for him. I could have fitted myself a little too well. Maintaining data happens to be my fave time pass. I love to play around with huge lists and sort those out in no time. It seemed to me some what alluring to join over some work where I would be responsible single handedly. He had offered a decent amount in return as a salary.

Hearing his ideas on our 1st official date 🙂 , it seemed that he was wanting me to shift as well. To a place where I could make my home and keep my work- table too! Maybe he wanted some one to slog her self off for the maximum portion of time. His words gave way for me to believe that he wanted someone who could run his work for him.

For days together I had gone brooding thinking of all the possible combinations. He had offered to pay the rent of my flat since I would work from my home. I had wanted to change my the current flat that was anyways in shambles. He had offered to look for the new place where- ever I wanted! He had no issues with Hemant coming over to visit either. He had not known of the fact that Hemant and I lived under the same roof and yet never lived like how one would under one roof.

I had tried talking about that out with Hemant. I had expected a very cold response. All he asked was that may be there was more than I was wanting him to know. Why else a man would offer a house for me to stay in?

I had thought of the same myself over a few times already. It just didn’t come to any possible conclusion. If he was only wanting me to work for him, pay the rent of the place since I had not wanted to stay at then current flat; there wasn’t any harm really.


If he had wanted to jump into a relationship with me, along with his work; it didn’t seem to be a problem even then too! I mean, he was ready to take me as a responsibility that I so was, pay for my accommodation, even look for one, get me work; what else did I need then? For crying out loud, that’s all that I had needed. For the few months that we had dated, not even once had he made me feel funny about him. In blunt- he hadn’t really pushed him self over me!

I could see he appreciated my mannerisms. He had not wanted any run-off-the-mill kinds. his level of expectations were too high. He wanted some one who was meticulous, educated, almost a doll- like and with brains too! A woman who could walk like always on ramp. I had noticed he would watch very closely when ever we dined. Leave the portions- I ate big- 🙂 , he would observe closely how I handled my cutlery or how I served or how I handled my drink!

If only he was a little young; I would have proposed him.. 😀

He seemed to like how I dressed up. I just can not dress down. That said, I won’t be caught dead dressed informally ever. I like colors and bright ones at that. I am the stark opposite of plain Jane. Blame it on my genes. As far as I can go back, I have been the most glitzy girl when it came to dressing up. It was paying off- finally. At last I got hold of a man who appreciated a woman with heels and wearing dresses!

He seemed to not mind my hair- color which was flashing blonde then- L’oreal and not original.. 🙂 He liked my painting nails, applying eye- shades. I can play with as many colors as you would want me to with those. He had definitely not fainted when I had worn my skirts. My over- sized stone accessories was just the thing he wanted on every woman. Yet, he wanted “his” woman to whisper and not talk!

Did I say “his” woman..? LOLsssssssss

Sorry for breaking that magic 😛 I can be pretty noisy at times. I am the original, chirping, bubbly girl; born to giggle and make the other person die of laughing with madness. Nevermind that, if this alliance was to go any farther, he would get to discover that himself anyways. LOLsss

I was having the time of my Life. Moving around with a MAN, for a change. A man, who knew how to cheer a woman- I was 29 then, wow..!! I realized that this was exactly how I had wanted- completely formal and yet friendly. I wasn’t ready for yet another relationship yet; however, was reluctant to miss the opportunity as well. Moreover, when I was getting all my chances to get away from my mundane Life and perhaps Hemant too.

OMG, I had gone too far thinking about that oldie. Did he want a woman in his Life yet? I cared not. I had only wanted to grab every possible change from that pattern that had eventually started to stink. Even if I had only worked for him; it promised of a different life. One that would be free of all the confusions that Hemant had created.

I was not worried of being left alone anymore. I didn’t want anyone else to hold my reins, once was  just enough.

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4 Responses to The Phase of Transition- Next

  1. danroberson says:

    You know what you want and what you don’t want. You’re a strong, decisive woman who doesn’t fall into traps. Enjoy life and control your own destiny.

  2. Eric says:

    It’s good that you appreciate freedom and not being controlled – which is exactly what that manipulating VP was trying to do to you – and good that you saw it for what it was. Too many people get themselves stuck in relationships where they stay unhappy and tied-down , sometimes for years. Life’s too short to suffer such conditions when they can so easily be remedied. I’m glad you had the depth of character to stand up for yourself and not become mired in VP’s mental and emotional issues. He sounds like a good person to stay away from.

    • Olivia says:

      He was a perfect parasite. Sticking, corroding the host and whining when picked up to be thrown!!

      It wasn’t really any relationship at all, though he had behaved as if we were into one. Poor fellow, he still spams my Inbox.. May he R.I.P.

      Thanks for stopping by.. xxx

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