Happy November

This November has been the best so far..

It’s almost winters. But then, thanks to pollution, it’s killing the chills. In childhood, by this time of the year, our woolens used to be out and seeing the sun to get warm. Our moms would take the quilts and put them over the folding beds in verandas. Over them used to be woolens and other warmers. The quilt covers were washed and spread to dry.

Guavas would be carted by most of the fruit sellers inside the colonies. I could never sink my teeth in without washing them after the purchase. A habit made fun of by neighboring aunties and then later by my colleagues too.. 🙂 Oranges would be bought as the staple fruit of the season.

Soon, afternoons changed its scorching appearance to the most awaited part of the day. Small cots would sprung out outside almost all the ground floor houses. Communal meetings would be held in name of soaking sun. Knitting, peeling oranges and at times snoozing over became the usual regimen. Kids would keep squeezing the orange peels into their friends’ eyes.

The home- makers would take out the wool balls and knitting needles to knit the most amazing woolen stuff. My mom was an avid knitter. That’s the term that would suit her the best. I still have a few of those that she had knitted. I have all of those multi- colored sweaters, scarves and other warmers still! I would go out with her to shop for what I liked. She would then humbly make something to gift me. She said that I could wear them when I grow up and flaunt. Copy mom, I do that now..!!

I wonder if she had known of her early demise and so had hurriedly made all arrangements possible for my future!

For the last decade or so, it’s no more as chilling as it used to be in winters. Pollution, maybe?

I love winters. I don’t feel tired or warm at the slightest movement. I am ever- ready to do almost anything. Just moving about breaks sweat in summers! No creepy- crawlies to invade my house and even the surroundings. The vegetation becomes greener. This is when the Flowers too shyly open up their veils and smile upon the passersby.

Where I stay is a country- side. Well almost. How beautiful it becomes when all those spring season flowers bloom up throughout the walking trail and in parks- in whatever little of those we have here.

As I said, it’s still not as cold as it used to be or rather should have been, I have my own reasons to celebrate!

A few things have happened this November, a few more are on the schedule, as if to break the pattern of the last several years. The stances as if have acted to add towards the momentum that I have gained this year.

  • My Interview @ http://jinglepoetry.blogspot.com/ was published at the Jingle Poetry Blog
  • None other than Jamie Dedes herself has covered that for me.. 🙂 It was her idea including the Execution.
  • She had suggested that I partake in NaNOWriMo. It makes me swell up thinking how she had made me believe that I could kill it in no time!
  • One of my friends- Sophie, had come over to spend a day (and a night) at my home. After maybe almost 10 years, some one had come over at my place to stay. I had only shared my house with only a couple of friends so far, a couple of times, 10 years back. They were my childhood friends. This one seems would become my life- time friend. I may have written about that in detail if I wasn’t this killingly occupied. I’ll do that the next month most probably.
  • I had always wanted to compile some thing on my brooding and about spirituality. I am doing that in NaNOWriMo. Really now, I am already teased as the Divine Mother by a couple of friends; after compiling this, they’ll have more valid reasons to do so.
  • One thing I am still up with is Pigeon watching. A pair of those flocks together from one veranda to the other the whole day doing their usual sound of “ghoongh- ghoongh”. They ensure that I don’t sleep late in the morning! I have to write about those too. I have already shot them in their act.
  • I also have plans to travel long- distance this weekend. I’ll be doing that after practically 3 years of being home- ridden! May be this is the beginning of this phase’s end.

Jamie has been blogging side by side with writing for the NaNoWriMo challenge, as most of the other participants. I have other commitments at the Jingle Poetry as an official so am unable to Blog. After reading her posts for more than 15 days now, and a post at Marylin’s Site, where they write about their writing progress and the development, I felt I needed to write too; and hence this post.

Enjoy your winters. Stay warm. I’ll be back with my regular posts even before you start missing me.. Love xx

About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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9 Responses to Happy November

  1. Sonia Gahlot says:

    Hi Ollie,
    I was sulking around my home today.. winters normally make me morose and irritable…Your words took me down memory lane…cheered me up 🙂
    I have spread out a durrie on the terrace and am enjoying oranges in the warm sunshine!


    • Olivia says:

      aaaw, you are sweet!!

      No way Sonia,
      You can’t go morose- that’s not you.. I am only a call away or a blog away- hehehe
      LOLsss Oranges and winters are the traditional buddies like you and I are.. Don’t hesitate to peel on me anytime you want to sit under the sun and feel snug.. 🙂


  2. Kavita says:

    Ooohh.. me is liking the way you are progressing, girl!! Step out and have some fun!!!
    And ofcourse, write on and on anonanonano… umm.. did I jus say ‘nano’? 😉
    Well, let the good times BEGIN!!!!! xoxoxoxo

    • Olivia says:


      Kavz, that I am back to make such posts again faster than you can say “Liv”, is all because of you.. 🙂
      Seriously, it’s been years of being confined.. I am looking forward to it. I feel this is the beginning of a new cycle for me..!!

      I’ll get to celebrate and freak out (if my ID isn’t enough for me 😉 ) This time, I’ll do that with everyone around me- with all my friends. NaNo.. hmmmm I am sure he/she/it is also enjoying my elevated mood status.. 🙂

      I laughed my guts out when my boss trying to irritate me- sent me a message saying – “O” is for Opportunity and Olivia.. @%$#%@$#^% You know why- isn’t it..?? 😉

      I am back to Life- again.. no more- “forestry”.. LOLssssss mwaaah

  3. Bodhirose says:

    Happy November, Olivia!

    This was so lovely what you wrote here about the family traditions when you were growing up. I loved reading this today.

    I am happy that you perceive perhaps a change happening in your life that will break the cycle of being “home-bound” for so long. My heart is with you as you travel wherever you will be heading.

    I am going on a trip as well–several hundred miles away to stay at a house on a lake for four days with relatives. It should be fun and we’re visiting a pottery festival as well. I love beautiful pottery and have collected several nice pieces over the years. Leaving tonight. “See” you when I get back!

    Love you and wish you well,
    Gayle xoxo

    • Olivia says:

      Loads of wishes and luck My Dear Gayle.. see you around.. xoxox

    • Olivia says:

      My Dear Gayle,
      That was quick reply since I say you leaving, wishing you a safe travel was more important.. 🙂

      That’s all I have besides a few really close friends with loooong geographical distances- you included.. 🙂 Memories of the time spent with mom in childhood. I had written that down hurriedly cause I wanted to write something. It’s been over a month that I have been sulking- Thanks to a few friends who did not let me go dead.. Kavita finally resurrected me- LOLsss
      On a serious note- I owe her

      I give you some credits too- people around make a lot of difference, so….

      I wish I could tell you to pick one for me.. I too love ceramics and potteries.. blame it on my roots, then again, I’ll do all of that once I get unlimited cash flow- seems the time is closing on me already.. 🙂

      Do tell me what all you did there- better still put a post or two- or how many it may take to!!
      I’ll be travelling Sunday Morning- US timings Saturday evening an will be back after 4 days. Thank you so much for your wishes.. I have all my plans to freak out.. 🙂

      As I write this- you may be snoozing tight.. wishing you a lovely vacation and enjoy the max!!

      Loads of wishes and Love
      Olivia xoxoxox

  4. Eric says:

    It sounds like your life has taken some very positive turns recently, with more coming in the future. What a great thing!

    I miss my grandma’s knitting – she used to make blankets and such. It’s nice that you’re picking it up from your mother. Traditions, especially those within our families, are a wonderful way to bond us together.

    I enjoy reading the true-life stories you post here. Sometimes they’re like a soap opera drama, sometimes just a nice little slice-of-life. (And always entertaining!)

    • Olivia says:

      Laugh Aloud My Dear Eric…

      So sweet of you to have posted these words. I feel better after writing this post and your comment made me smile.. 🙂
      I know how to do all the knitting, stitching and everything else that a traditional one ought to, have no time..!!

      I still do help people around with their knitting. Gosh, they look scared when an unconventional girl like me tells them how may knots to knit!!

      Yes, I know my life sequence has been st the best uncanny.. Soap- opera- drama- hahahahaha.. Thank you so much!! I really never thought that cross cultural people would also be able to relate to things that happened years back..!!

      Love MyD.. Happy Weekend xoxox

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