My last visit to the Salon

30th October, 2010

My regular readers would know that I visit this Salon at MN.

Although I stay in Gurgaon, I travel all the way to MN. I feel much better, meeting Victoria, the salon owner and her daughter Gudiya (doll). She is 6 years younger to me- practically my age. In less than a few seconds I burst into giggles out of no practical words of discussion. Even the other clients join us! We joke, gossip and talk about every thing under the sun. I almost go back to my childhood laughing like nobody’s business.

Simple words spoken around becomes the biggest of humor and we go laughing incorrigibly!

It’s become more like my another home or a religion or maybe a weekend getaway! I have been visiting this Salon for years now. Maybe for the last 6 years now. Aaah! That brings back memories of Himanshu again..

The last time I went there, Gudiya was unwell, so didn’t get to meet her. Instead I spent some quality time with her mother. Ever since I have shifted to Gurgaon, my frequency of visits and time spent with then has gone severely nose diving! So I was glad that I did get to spend some time with the lady after long.

She was sat knitting a cap for her daughter. I almost had swallowed a lump in my throat. That white ball of wool and crochet needle was moving between her fingers; it had taken me back to when mom was alive. She often spent the whole night knitting those warmers to surprise me in the evening. Maybe it’s from her that an obsession to pursue things I wish to achieve, have infected my otherwise perfectly disordered genes.

How she kept awake the whole night to knit a blazer so I could flaunt it the next day among friends! I miss her and her knitting too! I have all those woolens still with me. I wear those to flaunt amongst my friends still.

Victoria was a little unable to start the pattern and was undoing the patch again and again. I had suggested to help. Recalling of how mom used to knit, I had then told her which way to knit. In no time she had woven a big enough circle as a base for the cap. She had thanked me no- end.

Victoria was happy to have been able to copy a pattern she was wanting to, with a little help from me. She said that my mom was watching me from far away and feeling proud of me.

So was I.

Mom often said that I knew very well- how to learn and follow. She said I was too quick to imitate and adapt a practice as a habit. How well had she observed me! I definitely miss her. She was my best friend and would remain so- forever.

I was completely lost in brooding for the rest of the evening! I had not forgotten even a knot of knitting. I don’t knit, have no time time. Not as of now. Maybe someday when I have no worries of finances and other stuff, I will.

I had dreaded to type this here. I was too scared to have broken down while doing so. I am a few drinks up and not down.. LOLsss. I cry pretty fast when I am high. Yet, I have held my tears back.

All I need is some prayer, and an Ambition to Ramble un-fazed!


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7 Responses to My last visit to the Salon

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  2. Scent of my heart says:

    I’m really sorry about your mom, I know no word could replace her, but still …always here for you!

  3. Sonia Gahlot says:

    Dear Ollie,
    You and i both should be getting our beauty sleep… LOL
    Its strange how we people can connect to myriad types of people in a flash and spend forever trying to strike a conversation with some.

    I remember when I just started college… a lady helped me cross road once.. I still get totally confused while trying to attempt to get to the other side. We started chatting and giggling and missed our bus. We sat at the bus stop, chatting!
    I would meet her everyday and she would hold my hand and help me cross the road…. till one day when she dint turn up..
    I waited for her.. and even after several days.. there was no sign of her..
    It was then I realized that we had not even asked each others names.

    Its people like these .. who reinforce my belief in angels!

    • Olivia says:

      Wow Sonia..

      You have just come in and holding on to reading my Blog as if for your Life..? I wanted to post something quickly and so did this so you could probably feel good (if) reading it..

      I am liking how you write your words here.. I almost was lost reading this one. The reality jolted me back- you had never asked each other’s name..?

      Beauty Sleep.. LOLsss..
      About connecting, I too fell a little lost while crossing streets.. haha.. I am too careful and hence get extra- cautious..

      Angels do exist.. one just posted a comment here.. xxx

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