I’m Leaving..

Not on a jet- plane yet. Seems it’s time I would soon enough!

For now, I am travelling to Alwar- Rajasthan, to attend my friend’s wedding! We had worked together for about a couple of months before my phases had check in on me. This was in December 2007 till February 2008. Ever since it was she, who had kept the relationship going by sending me messages. Each time that she had changed her contact, she had updated that in text.

I am excited for more than 1 reason here:

  • I would travel practically after 5 years.

The last time I did, I had traveled to Jaipur in 2005, to meet my child- hood crush (only to come-back with a heavy heart as if tied to a weighty stone, after meeting him for a short period of time and almost no conversation). I had met him last in this trip after we had met in 1993. That too was my initiate. Whoa..!!

  • The memories would haunt me again.

That’s what memories do besides getting cherished. Oh, I had wanted to remember all of how I had planned to go and meet him. I had never traveled anywhere on my own before that. I didn’t even know his address. I had been slacking a great deal or else the details of that trip would have been posted by now. This trip down almost the same road would make me push the post that I have been avoiding to. The details would come back, foaming up in my mind beautifully. My 1st and last ever trip to meet my Love! Whatever..!!

  • It would be a nice change after 3 years!

It was in 2007 summers that I had dated that oldie. That still remains to be the most memorable time spent with any man and even, so far. Soon, one after the other, several phases had rolled by to tie me down confided to one place for the last over 3 years.

  • I’ll step out, again..

It was in June 2008 that I had stayed locked up in a Guest House for 4 months! Although I had shifted out of that place in November- 2008, I haven’t been able to lead a normal Life since. I stay confined to my home, stepping out only to buy groceries every 3- 4 weeks; sometimes even in longer duration of time.

It has all the signs in it!

More than feeling excited about it, I am anxious to take note of the signs. It seems that this is the mark of the end of this phase. A completely new time is just about to hit me. I have been talking about this since a few months now. This is the time I have been referring to. That’s how I feel about it. I wish to welcome this change with as much compassion and enthusiasm. This change would now set the whirl spin faster and in my favor. I have waited for this to happen since a long time now.

I now stand enveloped in sky, floating in ether, with arms stretched wide- for all bright things to embrace me. So it-

  • Refills Me..
  • Re- incarnates Me..
  • Re- invents Me..
  • Rejuvenate Me..
  • Renews Me..
  • Restores Me..
  • Resurrects Me..
  • Revives Me..

It has all the excitement of when I had traveled for the 1st time.

My class- mate Amit Gupta may not remember this anymore. In standard 7th, our school had arranged a trip to Jim Corbett Park. For a complete week, I had sat planning with him- what all to pack. Amit had then suggested that I pick up 25% of the house and go, 4 rooms, 4 people; hence the equation. Thinking of that instance, I feel that I haven’t really changed much. Or any.. 🙂

I am now preparing.

The control- freak I am, I would now sit to pack almost every- thing that a person would often forget to do/apply under a normal schedule!

It won’t hurt if I carry a moisturizer and an oil based body lotion. A talc would be good incase I wish to feel dry and fresh. A shampoo, body- wash and soap is a must. I could do better with a scrub, a mask and a peel- off pack. A fragrant deodorant won’t harm for my girlie chat sessions. A perfume is an essential. A cream of the same scent won’t be bad either.

Of course I love to get decked up. That’s another one of my genetic (dis)- orders. Which girl would mind looking best..? I love playing with colors as much as I hate playing with Holi colors! So some colored shimmering frosted eye- shades, lippers, colored eye and hair- mascara and a make- up stick is all I would carry. Isn’t that too simple? And a make- up and nail color remover too! Needless to mention, some nail- colors would also travel. Why would I need the remover otherwise?

I have a box sat with cotton, remover and some medicines too. I won’t need them- but what if..?

  • Shoes, heels, a pair of slippers.. check
  • Accessories.. check
  • Towel and tissues besides my dresses.. check
  • Oh.. the hotel room tickets.. check!!


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Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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13 Responses to I’m Leaving..

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  3. Bodhirose says:

    Sounds like you had quite an adventure, Olivia. It is really something to go on a trip after so long staying in one place. It’s interesting that you and I went away at just about the same time. It had been a few years since I had traveled too.

    I’m happy for you and thrilled that you finished your NaNo writing! Yay for you!

    Lots of love,

    • Olivia says:

      Gayle- now you see why I feel how I feel..

      It has something to do with our connection. We are unable to realize the roots- thanks to my not so awakened mind! Maybe you went and so it gave a push to me to.. Here come’s the scary part- I have been reading SaiBaba’s words for a few weeks. He has been telling me that I would travel. Not up until now I could understand that it was about this he was referring to.. 🙂

      Please blog post your experience too.. or else share it with me whenever.. 🙂 I love to read biographies.. I get to peep in small portions of other’s world too..

      Regards and fun

      • Bodhirose says:

        My unawakened mind can’t figure it out and I don’t think we really even have to–let’s just enjoy the “ride” together. How about it? This wouldn’t be the SaiBaba on Facebook would it? I had signed up for his words of wisdom too some time ago. Just wondering…

        I’ll see what I can come up with–our trip was pretty low key and uneventful really–but very enjoyable.

        Much love,
        Gayle xoxo

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  6. Chloe says:

    Hi Olivia 😀 Hope you enjoyed your friend’s wedding…I’m back more these days on blogland/internet, so hopefully I’ll see you around soon my friend. I’ve missed YOU!!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day and a GREAT week ahead 😀 😉 xx

  7. soulbro* says:

    Enjoy your trip Love…I send you very strong positive vibes for your successful trip and God be with you as well…we will be waiting for you come back soon…but for all the moments just enjoy(+)

    • Olivia says:

      Here Dom Dear.. I am back!!!
      I carried all those beautiful energies with me.. It couldn’t have been better than this!!!

      I enjoyed it for my Life and really with all my Life.. 🙂
      Loads of Love to you too.. xoxox

  8. sauravluk9 says:

    ” * Re- incarnates Me..
    * Re- invents Me..
    * Renews Me..
    * Restores Me..
    * Resurrects Me..
    * Revives Me..”
    In one word… wonderful..may be because i have gone through similar phases. Absolutely intense stuff..God bless you.
    I think i liked it more than my own written blogs..

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