I am Back

Only for a short Interval.

I told you. I have this feeling that now is the time. It seemed that this trip is going to build up a huge momentum and spin a fast moving swirl around me. One that would create a galaxy of events that are in waiting to make my life brighter. That feeling has become stronger now.

It was fun. That’s an understatement. I had freaked out. As if I may not be otherwise 😀

It was everything that could be associated with fun, friends and wedding. I would lie if I say “it was good”. Going out for this wedding was like a complete new happening to me. I would post a detailed one of how it was; for now in short, it was a huge make- over that’s gonna work like a permanent make- up! That’s the Alwar fort- standing up on the hills, staring at you no matter wherever you traveled in the city! The lights were visible from my resort’s terrace top.

The weather was as pleasant as it could be. I had traveled by road. It had rained for all the time- practically! It wasn’t as cold as how it is now here. I have brought along the winters while coming back. I met new people! I moved around dolled up- as if was a celebrity. I have spent huge time in bonding, catching- up and talking to new people. As a result, several new trips have been promised and are being planned now!

I am super- excited. Ruby would be here in the next couple of days. She stays in UK. So would her sister-in-laws’s daughter Varuna! There’s yet another round of travel in waiting.. 🙂 I would write about that later. I had attended the wedding as if my sister’s! That reminds me that I hadn’t freaked out as much at Runa’s wedding too!

I was forced to leave my home only a few weeks back then. I was all of 18. Her mother, my masi had extended no help at all. I was “instructed” to keep out- lest Runa’s would be in-laws strike any conversation with me and find out that my father had abandoned us when I was 12. It is not considered good for a family’s “reputation” to know of such details or whatever! May be they were saving their arse. My mom had passed away only a year back then. The next year, I was thrown out of my place. Perhaps, they wanted to save their face. My identity had changed to that of an illegal girl child. Her wedding too had taken place in November (1996). All of us had traveled to Moradabad- UP, for attending the reception.

See, now you know why I said- It has all the signs in it! Just so many memories have come flying to me. I am now sat, smiling like a fool! I am not one- explaining that, so just in case..

I didn’t miss my home. A train track kept running the trains and the haunting whistles too. The cottage that I had stayed in had 3 Tulsi (Basil) plants, considered auspicious in India. It was surrounded by trees. The parrots had squawked away in glory. Maybe they were happy to see me around. The peacocks had screamed no end at night, to celebrate my arrival.. 😀

Tanu had been sending morning texts without fail. It felt special to read those sms right at the beginning of the day- everyday! It just said that some one remembered me right through the days of my travel. I was gone only for a few days, yet was missed. It seemed that someone cared for me and my smile. Why else had he sent those short one to brighten up my days?

It was a complete experience of its kind. It was packed with all the goodies. Friends, laughter, jokes, pot- shots, discussions, sharing and some drinks too; all fun elements included. Proximity with the Nature, a comfortable stay at the resort, meeting with new people; I had felt special. The groom happens to be the most wonderful spouse anyone can have. It didn’t seem that we were practically strangers before this!

It was 3.5 days of crazy madness. Non- stop fun, loaded with extra toppings and big swelled up cherry pieces. I am practically in love with Rajasthani culture. I wouldn’t have enjoyed as much if it was else- where. I am yet to decide what was more fun- my friend, the city, the travel, wedding, no sleep, sashaying around dolled up or I discovering my this side!

I am not yet tired yet. I usually feel exhausted after talking for a few minutes. Company is a crowd to me. This time, it was different. I had jumped up and down as if it was a family wedding. Wait!! actually it was better than that. I could go on for days together, screaming fun from early morning till next early morning, and again..

That feeling has become stronger. It’s about time that I step out of my bounds to never ever get grounded again. The shackles have already been broken!

Sonia Dearest, wait till I cover your story.. 🙂 Wishing you and your “Mister” all the pleasures of Life- always.. mwaaah!!

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Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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6 Responses to I am Back

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  2. Heart says:

    Glad to see new posts from you again! And weddings are so much fun!! You always write this way, juxtaposing new and old memories, taking on a little time travel along with you.. Hope your Nanoing is going well Olivia!

    • Olivia says:

      Hey Rachana,

      Good to see you around. Seems you have studied me very well. I do love to walk down the memory lane to link that up with the new events around.. 🙂 Thank you for liking it!! I killed NaNoWRiMo– I mean I completed it- yay..!!
      Loads of Love xxx

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  4. Scent of my heart says:

    So glad to hear you had a good time. Waiting for these little details you promised :)! Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Olivia says:

      Hey Bubble.. Thanks for coming over to read this.. yes.. now that I am done with NaNoWriMo, I’ll be back to my Blogging world soon.. 🙂

      Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead!! xx

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