Building a Home

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For a pair of my fave birdies- Pigeons!!

I have been watching this couple since a month now. After a lot of bonding and coochie- cooing, they are ready for a nest. They spend most of their time with each other over the veranda pots, hopping from one to the other.

They make sure that I sleep no more after 7 in the morning. Note in the images- how one sits on the other’s head! This one keeps placing its head underneath the other one.

Now, I have “built” a nest for them. They keep flocking around and over it. All they do is “ghoongh- ghoongh” the whole day. I had not seen pigeon pair before this. It’s December that I am updating a few more images that I had shot in September. They are still together.

Happy Nesting!!

Edit- 20th December, 2010

I plan to travel to Jodhpur tomorrow for the next few days. This morning when I woke up and went to my Computer room; I saw this:



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8 Responses to Building a Home

  1. Thanks for stoping by our blog and leaving a link to your post. Love it!

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  6. Heart says:

    The pigeons say they are thankful! 😉

    • Olivia says:

      No wonder they have not been waking me up in the morning at least the alternate days.. One of them would sit making that noise moving its wings very lightly. They wake me up only when I say I would want to get up.. or else they let me be..!! 🙂

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