On My Way to Rediscover Myself- I

A whole week has gone by and it’s Sunday again.. 🙂

21st November, 2010

I had woken up at 7.30 in the morning to get ready to leave. I had gone dead by 11-ish the night before, blissfully baking myself in the thoughts of the days to come. Waking up at 6.30, I had told my pillow to wake me up after an hour’s time. I had tossed around and snoozed away like an oblivious birdie in her cozy nest!

In anticipation of traveling after about 5 years, that one hour had gone by- as if in a blinking second!

I had headed straight to the washroom- for floss and change. Hate me for this- my mom almost did. She could never appreciate why I needed to step into the washroom the 1st thing in the morning. The voltage was still high as was the night before. That’s how I had gone for snooze so early. Good that it had stayed that way in the morning too. Or else I would have hooked myself to my Blog or may be FB!

I had prepared tea. While I was enjoying my morning cuppa at around 8, my oldie had called me up! He had made all the arrangements for my travel and stay for attending the wedding. He stays nearby. He wanted to enjoy his morning cuppa with me. Since I would be gone for a few days…..

For the last 2 years that I have stayed in Palam Vihar, he had never ever bothered as much to hop in for a quick Tea; much less for a breakfast. May be some insecurity had crept in his (left- over) mind! I had invited him over some stuffed paranthas (girdle fried indian- bread). I was all set to have one, pack two. I could share the 4th one with him. I had done that separately in Olive Oil- health, heart and stuff..

Mine were loaded with clarified butter! 2 more rounds of tea had happened over the breakfast. I had prepared a 4th one after I had packed up the cooked stuff, to snack on my way. This is me- preparing breakfast at 8 in almost-winters morning, treating my boss and packing some! He had left soon after the morning snack.

I had worn my white lose T, denim skirt and “new” black slippers. I was all set to leave at 10, when I had jokingly called up my boss to come back again. “What if he doesn’t get another chance to say bye..?” 10 minutes flat, he was found standing in the stair- case landing area.

“Bye.. See you.. Maybe soon I’ll be gone and you won’t get to see me again..”

I had started towards Alwar on road without my camera. My oldie had asked it back the night before! Whatever..!!

I was all set to enjoy my travel by road to reach my favorite destination- Rajasthan. As I write this, I feel it has something to do with my previous Life. I have always “loved” this place since I was a little girl. I had traveled to Jaipur- Rajasthan in January 2005 with my colleagues when I worked with Convergys- Quality. The next time, it was to meet Himanshu- my crush! But as I said, I had always admired the culture since young. I had danced to the folk- music when in school to win. I had sung a couple of folk numbers too. The culture, the songs, the colors; they all kind of call me towards them. The peacocks, the parrots, the paintings, the vibrancy, the music, the food, the culture- okay, I am always in state of awe with this state.. 🙂 This place happens to be my crush’s native place too. Lot of Jains, Baniyas and Marhwaris were originated from this place. So may be, my liking for this place has to do with beyond this Life.

There are still a couple of phenomenon left to be explained in words-

  • My Feelings for Himanshu
  • My Liking for this place- Rajasthan
  • My Inhibition to step on escalators
  • My Fear of seeing air- crafts from a closer distance
  • My being so crazy
  • ..

I was definitely excited to travel to Rajasthan- for my friend’s wedding. Moreso, because I was on my way to re- invent myself. That’s how it had felt when I stepped out of my house to board the car. This trip was going to be more than just a trip alone. I could see that this trip had all the signs that would help me re- discover my state of being.

I had headed towards discovering my new Life, with all the enthusiasm.

About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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7 Responses to On My Way to Rediscover Myself- I

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  2. Interesting read. You did prepare well for your trip. I hope you were able to re-discover yourself.


  3. ~Drew says:

    Olivia, thank you for sharing your story~honestly revealing your fears and vulnerabilities. You ARE a strong woman and will find what you are looking for.

  4. Scent of my heart says:

    So interesting your stories, keep them coming!

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