On My Way to Rediscover Myself- II

It was a nice sunny morning when I had stepped inside the car to travel to Alwar in Rajasthan.

I was to stop at Haldiram’s to pack some sweets for Sonia and also to check the rest- room. There on I was to have no place to stop by. Definitely, I wasn’t going to tell the driver to stop the car, and find a place- so I could ..

Stopping by at Haldiram’s, I had sent a text asking Sonia what sweets she liked. I don’t have a sweet tooth- so really didn’t know what she may appreciate. The sweets box that I had bought from that place to be given as a present for her wedding, was already given to be packed. The other one was “only for her” from me.. 🙂 I had sashayed all around the place to see what all sweets were available! I may have stopped for half hour there before the car sped up for a non- stop 3 hours drive to the destination.

I love to travel. The whole idea of sitting by the window, watching around the serenes fills me up with child- like excitement. Sunday was the best morning to have done that. No traffic, no smoke, no crowd, only a speeding car and lovely serenes appearing at the side window. I had traveled from within the villages. Barring New Delhi and some small portion of Gurgaon, the country still resides in villages. A few patches here n there in other metros; however, the major portion is still a village world.

I was completely lost watching the freshly grown onions, the tomatoes and bright green fields! It wasn’t a modern world and a big farm there. But real rural villages. The transition had thickened towards the rural side with covering of distance towards Rajasthan. The great field area in Tijara reminded me of my trip to Kolkata. I was 6 then.. 🙂 I hope we don’t build our townhouses over them. There were some high rise buildings too in the vicinity.

The whole trip, Sonia had kept sending sms!

  • Bride’s Update– “Sitting in red bottom and white T, snuggled inside a blanket..”
  • Festival Update– “My parents gone at groom’s place for a certain ritual..”

I had sent her my dress code in return! LOLsss

It was Sonia’s wedding that I was traveling to attend to, and it was she, who was taking all the efforts to make my travel even better. It had felt warm and wanted and loved and cared and.. It was evident that she was looking forward to meet me as much as I was- to enjoy the whole episode. My fun time had already begun.

Crossing all the fields, I had entered Alwar almost in transition. If you travel that road, you would know that Rajasthan starts soon after Gurgaon ends. They border each other almost like neighboring towns. The date palm trees had begun stalking the road side; and so had the hills. Infact, at one patch, it seemed that I was on the uphill mountain drive. Probably, all states have some mountains and hence, if you look around carefully, you would find your way constructed leveling the adjoining rocks.

The rural villagers were busy uprooting the onions. If only I had someone with me, I would have stepped out to freak out here too! I mean why not? How often do you see miles and miles of greens around? If you step inside the fields, you would realize that mountains and hills blocked the horizon and not an unending row sky scrapping concrete construction. The green around was washed and bright and not pale and dusty.

I can almost stay there for the rest of my life. I would need a domestic help, a car and a driver so I can stock my groceries well in advance.  Most importantly, I would need a big stretch of land so I construct my dream- house. That’s right- the draft’s almost ready. My prime reason to stay there would be to cultivate veggies and flowers. Why else would I want to stay there amidst practically nothing? I would have my morning cuppas in the onion fields and the brunch in tomatoes. The palms would be good for evening snacks. Sonia- join me there..!!

Actually, all of you are welcome to give me Company!

While day dreaming, I realized, I had never seen a desert. So I quickly made a wish. I need to walk in a desert. I focussed how I would want to travel the same route to touch the sand and breathe deep in Bliss. I would have to wash my hair often- but that’s alright. I have seen river, hills, snow, sea, in the same order; now is the time for desert. I could hear a voice over my shoulder saying that soon I would be on a travel to see the desert. I feel that after I am done running my fingers through the shining sand, I would travel to see the natural serenity yet again only to do that over and over again.. AMEN

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