On My Way to Rediscover Myself- III

I had kept completely occupied enjoying the serenes- when I had reached my destination.

My child- like excitement was covering up for the delay in reaching. If I had started at 8, as had primarily planned, I would have reached 12 at the worst. Thanks to my driver, he made sure that a travel of 2.5 hrs lasted for 2 more hours and another 30 minutes figuring the detour route!

I was busy figuring out about the palms in desert area- Rajasthan being famous for The Great Thar, when I realized that the main entry to the city via Railway Station was closed because of some Highway construction. We had to detour that took us another half hour. I could barely wait to step down and declare fun- time!

Sonia had called me just when I had moving around the Tope Singh Circle. There’s this battle gun placed in a small round about and hence the name. She directed me which way to move and I had proceeded towards my hotel. We had burst laughing when she told me which way was Meenal Bar n Hotel!! Barely had I taken the 1st turn when a Black Sierra had honked behind my car. There, it seemed someone was trying to wave. I then instructed my driver to follow the SUV from there. Only I could guess it was she- who else..?

It was so thoughtful of Jatin to have found me while on road and guide me to my resort hotel! I was super- impressed already. It had felt nice to see some one so responsible and thoughtful, unlike how most of the people are- utterly careless and callous in their approach. I am a control freak myself. I keep checking myself most of the times how my mom would have- had she been alive. Caring and being careful too. I had then followed them. They had stopped right inside the hotel. I mean just how many of them take a detour to guide me to my hotel room?

Hopping down the car, I had hugged Sonia as if we were two long lost souls. Actually, it was better than that. We had met perhaps how sisters do after a long time. Very few people have been able to touch me so close. When I say “very few”, they know who I am referring to. I tend to be friendly to all- but only a few of them can make me feel at home. That was the prime reason of taking that trip. Even for enjoying a change, I won’t have traveled had this been not for this girl named Sonia.

I had then met her mom and Jatin too. You know I was meeting Sonia after February- 2008! She too stayed in Palam Vihar. But then I was going through one of my toughest phases and so could barely be cordial, much less friendly. That one hug had as if made me meet my new Life with as much compassion!

She is so full of life- so true to life and so beautiful. I wonder why it took so long for us to stumble upon! Back then, when we worked together, I had so wanted to get along with her. We were friendly, but I maintained a distance. I do that with everyone. May be as a reflex or as my survival tactics. I was glad I listened to my instincts this time which told me to go ahead and take the travel and agreed to attend her wedding.

It was a big deal for me to have agreed to travel. Besides all the reasons about my present phase- which I am yet to write about, I don’t travel at all- much less for someone or to attend a festival or function. I keep much to myself! Often I get to suffer because of other’s callous attitude. So I completely wriggle out before anyone could include me in their social cycle.

I would always be indebted to her since she gave me this window right when I had decided to break the shackles and declare my freedom. That I could get that level of comfort with her was yet another factor. I mean this- I tend to get a little judgemental, no matter what. So I socialize only with people where I feel it would initiate a bond. She is amongst the very few, who could make me feel this way! I mean we had hardly been together- not met for close to 3 years and were super exited- for..?

I was as excited as I used to be in my teens! Carefree, enthusiatic and all positively anticipating. I wouldn’t have wanted it in any other way. The three of them had waited till I had found out my room. The first night I was to stay at an independent cottage. We were stood almost outside the same. They had waited till I had settled down placing my stuff. I had asked my driver to get me bottles of mineral water. I told you I am a control freak. Sonia had declared my room her home and cozied herself with me.

I had changed into my black spaghetti frock with big tiger embossed in the front. Jatin was back again- with 2 bear bottles.. LOLss I mean just because we had laughed off at the mention of “Bar”, he had bought some for the girls. How sweet!! I don’t enjoy Beer but had loved that one. It was smooth and refreshing. He had left soon again. The two girls were perched on bed on either sides inside a light quilt- yapping away to glory.

We discussed everything that came to our mind from family to friends, to experiences, to bosses..

I was all drunk with this girl’s simplicity. I think I am pretty complex- thinking all the time. Here was she- most comfortable girl chatting away the whole of afternoon from 3 till 6. She had traveled from Jodhpur to Alwar only a night before. There were no signs of weariness on either of our faces. It was becoming difficult to understand- what was more exciting?

  • The travel..?
  • The warm welcome..?
  • Meeting the girl..?
  • Her simplicity..?
  • Our instant boding like house on fire..?
  • Her over- caring spouse..?
  • The place..?
  • The chat..?
  • The chemistry..?

I felt how I do at home. At ease and excited mega heaps..

About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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3 Responses to On My Way to Rediscover Myself- III

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  2. Enjoyed! Everythings exciting when it’s fresh. No?

    Thanks for a fun read, but …

    Olivia, what is “Tope Singh?” I don’t understand “hence the name.”

    • Olivia says:

      Battle- gun, cannon in Hindi (vernacular), is known as Tope.. “Singh” is just yet another last name meaning- leader!!
      Glad to know you enjoyed it.. 🙂

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