On My Way to Rediscover Myself- IV

This was becoming much more fun than what I had anticipated.

I was prepared that I would have to be sitting quietly in my room other than when Sonia would take me along to the Salon or for the wedding. I was completely dependent on them for my “carting”. My car was released after I was dropped.

Jatin had appeared at around 5.30 in the evening. All 3 of us had headed to the salon. The owner had humbly requested us to serve us the next day. grrr.. excuses!! Nevermind her.

We had then rode off to travel through the city. For crying out loud, I had gone there to attend a wedding and both the bride and groom had taken me out on their new Sierra for showing me around the town! Roadside chaat (spicy fried stuff with equally spicy sauces), some pastry, aloo kachories (spicy deep- fried stuffed pancakes)- heavenly was the feeling. Some good music had played in the SUV when I said I was ancient and listened to “old” stuff. There was a huge grin on my face with so much doting over!

My dress- code was a cream and pink horizontal stripes top and my denim skirt. I had completely forgotten that that was not my city. The sense of belongingness to this place has always been huge. To be able to set foot on the that land and stay there for a few days was the best thing I could have asked for. Back at the resort,  had slipped into my frock and a black denim over- coat and sashayed around ordering for food. My room didn’t have the inter- com facility! It was located at a distance and hence was some what cut off from the main building. Cups of tea were emptied while waiting for food. The food was just too good. Home- style cooked, spicy and tasty! Maybe they had known that I prefer only such tasty morsels.

Sonia had declared home at my cottage. She had spent the night with me. There- another session of chatting up had rounded again, till my peepers had given up on me at 4 in the morning..!! Tanu’s text had beeped at 6-ish. It felt warm how my childhood classmate friend had wanted to make me feel wanted. More than words, the gesture was over- pouring. We woke up back at around 7.30.

Reluctantly, I had ordered for bread and fried eggs. Surprisingly, they were good. I had ordered for yet another plateful for myself! Greedy me. Actually I was hungry. I feel starved if I wake up early and that’s when I need food to survive upon. If I wake up later than 9, I am able to carry on without anything to bite- upon. Some more cups of Tea were emptied.

“Ollie had set Meenal on fire walking in her frock last night”. Jatin had only smiled! So did I. He had come over to cart us to the salon. 3 long hours of pre- bridal treatments, some tea; accompanied with non- stop chattering amongst the two of us. Her mom also had joined in. I was already in love with this girl. She had no pretenses to put up- she had been as simple and welcoming as we were a family. Right, pampered is the word- I was being spoiled and over- fed.. 🙂 I had not felt so wanted and pampered in long time, other than when with Sampada. I am quick at changes. I immediately step into “my” baby shoes when I see some one being protective of me. It’s been long since I have been protecting myself all on my own. So I tend to go care- free whenever I get an opportunity. This was one golden chance to act young! And care- free..!

After the Salon visit, I was dropped at my hotel. I had to shift myself to the main- building that afternoon into a different room. Jatin had wanted to stay over and help me shift my room. I had insisted that he goes back. He had been carting the ladies when it was his wedding the next day. He was being as nice a host as one could be.

I wonder if ever I would get a non- moving base. A mini fight also had happened there n then. They had wanted me to shift again. If I don’t do that then, then I would have to the next day. #@%$&($@!@- That’s the sign for profanity. Maybe the girl in skirt didn’t know how to speak curt- I had proved them wrong! I had booked my stay in advance. There was absolutely no room for any confusion to crop up, excepting for my changing of room after 24 hours. They had tried to be a little funny with me and I made sure that they enjoyed my other side of being polite in the best possible manner. Thank heavens, the groom wasn’t around to witness my “words laced in wrath..”

The mom- daughter duo had already dropped themselves at their guest house. Only to appear at my hotel after some time for lunch!

I told you, the food was good. We enjoyed another palette of curries, lentils and veggies. The resort guys would all remember me for my fondness for the mauve bulb fruit. Onion is its name. I had crunched several of the slices down my system.

Sonia’s childhood classmate Ravi and his fiancee Sanah had joined us soon. The girl had taken a flight from her city to Delhi and traveled by train with Ravi. The Mehandi guys had come- over too. So had Sonia’s dad and mom.

Now, after hours of socializing and lot of people in my room and around me, I had felt tired. Didn’t I tell you- I love solitude? I had wanted to change and sit around in an empty room thinking of nothing. I was obliged soon.

I had skipped dinner. I had emptied a few cups of Tea instead. I had gone dead by 11.30. I had watched TV too. I had forced my peepers to open up to catch up with the daily soaps.

I was lost dreaming soon- for yet another beautiful morning to wake me up.

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Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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4 Responses to On My Way to Rediscover Myself- IV

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  2. Eric says:

    I’m sure your fashion sense reflects your personality – vibrant and cute!

  3. Eric says:

    What a journey – sounds like you’re having a wonderful time. Did you take any pictures? (Especially of you in that cute skirt) 😉 I’ve always seeing other parts of the world, especially from the viewpoint of someone who’s not just there to take pictures. (Although those National Geographic photographers always do a great job of it!)

    Have a safe, fun trip, Olivia!

    • Olivia says:

      Thanks Eric.. Thank you so mucm
      I am already back and so walking down the memory lane to make these posts!!
      I just couldn’t take my camera.. 😦 So no pics this time. Maybe the next time for sure.. 🙂 Cute.. eh? That’s my dress code anyways.. That’s how I always am found.. 🙂

      I may soon repeat my travel- will use your wishes then again.. 😀
      Love xox

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