On My Way to Rediscover Myself- V

The morning came, and it was beautiful..!

I was up at 6.30 in the morning. It was not yet morning technically. Winters keep dark till 7. It had rained the whole of night! The poor peacocks couldn’t scream. Everything around was clear, neat and dripping. Sonia’s text had beeped that she would come to pick me up at 7.30. We were to head towards Salon then.

“Sonia, I missed you on my bed last night..”

She only smiled. Dear readers, please do not read beyond. LOLsss. I wasn’t happy sharing my bed with mom even. I used to go dead on the box bed in the living room, till one day I realized that she kept herself worried over the fact. My uncle was not to be trusted and she almost spent sleepless night brooding about it. I have never been comfortable with anyone around me. With this girl, I had felt just too comfortable. She was as if a part of my own flesh sleeping next to me quietly and peacefully. She said she tumbles over- but she din’t. She had been around like the most wonderful and accommodating one. If I am saying so, you got to believe it.

Her mom had beamed with joy seeing me all ready when they had appeared at 7ish. Ordering for Tea, we had waited for Sanah. It is so convenient to sip the hot brew when it’s cold! We had gulped down several cups before reaching the Salon at 8- ish. Her wedding rituals were to happen at 10.30 in the morning.

All the memories of my wedding had come flying by to play peek-a-boo without warning!

I had constantly kept checking myself, lest I give too many details. There IS absolutely no need of talking about something that ended at an ugly note. I was on my own then too. Sampada had helped me like how my own sister would have. Keeping what all she had done in my mind, I had tried helping Sonia.

I was labelled as the “elder step sister”. It was a compliment that I accepted with pride. I had been only telling her how to do and what not to do. I know I had been behaving like the most mean mom. I had never known of this side of me. Trying to help my friend with her make- up for her wedding, preparing her- applying that red nail color, scolding her to sit still; is this how a young sister makes one feel?

The crazy woman that I am- my eyes are cheating on me. They are so keen on flowing down my cheek. I guess it has something to do with the weddings or may be the memories or maybe.. Back there in salon too, I had gone back recalling how I used to dress my friends up in my school days. I would take 5 minutes flat to complete mine. I would then sit and help others with their make- up. The similar stance was repeated there too. I had worn my red top, a denim skirt and sashayed a black handbag. I had bought that a couple of years back, but had never taken it out until now. The price- tag was cut before packing up my stuff. New- pinch!!

Sonia had not let go of me even for a second. She wasn’t sure if the lady would do the make- up right. This part was already agreed upon when the invitation was extended to me. I was to stand there as her “evil step sister” watching everyone with my hawk- vision. A title that was soon tagged on me- LOLsss. She had carried her sari very well. It wasn’t at all evident that she wasn’t used to wearing one. A crimson red length complete with embroidery had draped her into a very beautiful princess.

Yet again remembering how fussy I had been with my make- up and look at my wedding, I had been as cautious as I could have been. Keeping in mind how I had liked my things then, I had quite literally squatted on the salon lady’s head. My top was red n black tiger print top with my denim skirt. The lady had wanted to see how I had blended my eye- shade. She seemed somewhat impressed! I have been playing with colors and cosmetics since I was 6 years old. Even if someone is to shake me up from my sleep to do the make- over, I can confidently do the desired look. 🙂

All that mattered was how Sonia was liking it then. Pinning her sari at places all over so she could move around animatedly, we had proceeded towards her “Mayur Vatika”, where her wedding ritual was to take place.

A cloudy sky, cold weather and a lot of excitement had taken the women brigade to the venue. The event was very special to me since I love to attend wedding and had not attended one since ages. One, I was so occupied sorting out my own tricky situations; two, I wasn’t sure how people might react to a single woman at this age. A woman who is more confident being on her own to the point of being arrogant as well!

I know this fact for sure that people around me find it very difficult to get along. Most of the times I maintain a distance to avoid a situation that crops up whenever I try to create an exception, by accepting some one with an open mind. They often turn around and back stab; worse, they turn a cold shoulder with as much ease as it takes to blink! It was a refreshing realization for me to be accepted the way I am and letting me be.

Maybe I have been able to balance my Karmas and hence was being rewarded..!

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Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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6 Responses to On My Way to Rediscover Myself- V

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  2. Purvi says:

    I really loved this post Olivia!
    Sorry for having vanished.. but was trying to tnd to my broken heart and body.. 🙂 still on the track, but guess, I’ll survive 😉

    • Olivia says:

      Hey Purvi..
      For sure you are being missed..!!
      Anytime you wish to share, pick my email ID from your comments and bare it all- I’ll be all ears for all the years to come..
      Wishing you a speedy recovery.. sending you Love xxx

  3. Sonia Gahlot says:

    Dear Ollie,
    I was honored to have you with me.. Words will sound empty and not convey how grateful we both are..
    so i will leave it at that!


    • Olivia says:

      That’s the bride talking.. 🙂

      Sonia Dear,

      The honor is mine to keep..
      I have re- discovered my own self after this episode..

      Cheers and Hugs xoxox

  4. dancingfreak says:


    girl ur hilarious… oh boy…

    but it fun being brides maid alright 😀

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