On My Way to Rediscover Myself- VII

There was more fun on its way as the day had progressed.

Since the bride was “given away”, we had traveled to the groom’s place after the wedding ritual. But not before we gorged on big platefuls of fried savories! We nearly hogged. Even though where we were heading towards, we were to be “fed”, we cared less about it. We were famished. Amidst all the affair, I was more careful about the fact their “bandhan” (auspicious knot) was not to be released.

In most of the Indian weddings, Bride’s drape length is tied with the groom’s stole as a part of the wedding ritual. Is to then untied by the sister-in-law. I was surprised how I had remembered all that! From the (awarded tag of) evil-step-sister, I had stepped into the most mean mom’s shoes. I had scolded her for practically all the time. I didn’t know I have this in me. I thought I am the most indifferent one going around. Then again, this girl happens to be one of the rarest exceptions, who experienced a completely different side. Blame it all on her- she made me re-discover myself!

Bride’s sis was gone to the hospital. Just as we had stepped inside the rooms booked for the bride and other guests before the ritual, Sonia’s grandfather had skipped and fell from the stairs. The fall was nasty for his age. Most of her relatives were gone because of the reason. That’s where Sonia’s sister too had rushed to.

He is doing fine now. He was admitted to ICU in no time.

No sooner we had reached Jatin’s place, the bride was taken away for the rituals. I and Sanah had had our food. Home and style cooked. The two of us had single mindedly concentrated on cleaning our plates not really thinking of anything else. Since we were from bride’s side (as it’s referred to as), we enjoyed special attention. The drizzling was still on.

A couple of hours later, we had hurried back to Sonia’s guest house. Really, marriages are only to be attended as guests. Not complaining- just warning! I loved all the behind the scenes running around. Not everyone may. I was shown her trousseau and jewelery when were sat at her place. I was busy removing her make- up and help her change. At such darned places were those pins tucked that it would have stabbed you straight if..!

We had yet another get together coming up for the evening. The Reception.

We had to get dolled up yet again. That makes twice in a day- wow!! We were dropped back at our resort so we could pick up our stuff and head towards the salon. Although asked to wait, the driver had managed to slip away in no- time. Yet another car had to be sent to pick us up. Why I am sharing this is to invest into some “more” self- praise. The lady at the salon was all jittery since I was missing. Sonia had wanted me to be around when make-up was being caked up on her. Moreso, after the morning session, the lady had certified me as one frequenting Mumbai!

That’s the hub of Indian Film Industry is- popularly known as Bollowood!!!

Both she and the lady had looked relieved when I had reached the salon. Yet another round of getting decked up had begun. Four woman had played with four different styles. Sonia had draped her ultra- expensive bucks sari! How heartlessly that assistant had thrown away the length while draping. There should be laws against mis- handling of handcrafted expensive stuff with such disregard- !#E^%@@!. The bride had gone Red n Green. The drape was so rich that no jewelery was needed alongwith. She had left her shoulder- length hair free. She had looked like an absolute diva!

So had her friend Sanah in off- white, red and golden bordered drape. Her mom had worn a violet thread banarasi- my favorite and still to own one. I had pinned my hair in French knot. A deep violet frilly English style top had covered me. I had worn my black overcoat with my skirt. I had changed the nail color too in silvern from golden in the morning! I had managed to be in stark spotlight. Indian wedding and a girl in mid- length skirt, whose hair was colored blonde. I was enjoying! I always do.. 😀

I was handed over the gold jewelery each time she had gone to the salon. The bracelet had remained on my wrist since her mehandi. I love bangles, bracelets and finger rings. I could have conveniently kept ignorant and called her up after reaching home. I had called her up on phone to joke about it. She had wanted me to keep wearing it on my wrist for as long as I wanted to- even though it was to be given for her wedding. Maybe she had meant it honestly- since it remained on my wrist till the next 24 hours!

It was duly handed over to her right at the time of packing all her stuff. This was when her stuff was being shown to me.

I was so thrilled. I was being pampered as-

  • a girl
  • a woman
  • a friend
  • a bridesmaid

It was as cold as it could be. I was glad I had carried that “out in cold” look. So much so for not having been able to drape a length. An open sky dinner with her dad on one side and mom at the other; I was treated as the special one. Her sister’s daughter had been with us till she had arrived right on time to have food with us- together. Sonia was to go to her “husband’s” place for the stay. I and her friends (and now mine too) had come back to the hotel.

I had felt some what empty. Yet, something was telling me to chirp up..

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2 Responses to On My Way to Rediscover Myself- VII

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  2. Damn, that is a ridiculous day. Getting dressed up is not my style, but you make it sound so fancy. I’ve only been to a couple of weddings in my life so I cannot compare the experience, but it is cool reading about your ‘behind the scenes’ look. I always enjoy dropping by and reading about your life. It seems much more fun than my own at the moment, so thanks for keeping your bio-log going. Hope all is well, enjoy the general ‘dolling’ up and have fun. Later gater.


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