On My Way to Rediscover Myself- IX

Peaceful was my state of mind on this trip..

I had slept over like a heavy log. I wasn’t even an ounce high- OMG!! I had felt as refreshing as the spring breeze after winter chills! I had sashayed down from the other room to my room as if as a spirit. I had never felt this way before- completely lifted. I had not traveled since a few years. The last time I did was a scary experience; much less to attend a wedding so far! I had freaked out without holding any of me back. I did what I had always wanted to- soar high and not be scared of touching the ground after the flight.

Often transition kills me. I also tend to maintain a deposit of memories that helps me live my life the next day and the day after- till I again fill my deposits to the brim. My reservoir had gone dry. Little chats with her over the phone for the last couple of weeks before my travel had given me enough to pick myself up and embrace the moment coming up with all my Life.

I wasn’t scared to transition back anymore!

Infact, the magic was ethereal. It felt that would stay for the times to come. I wasn’t feeling low anymore while going back to the room. I was to leave the following morning. I had woken up at 7- ish. A text had beeped- Sanah and Ravi were leaving to board the train for return. Perhaps, Jatin had come over to see them off. Maybe Sonia was at his home- held back. 2 hours later- Knock Knock..!!

It was Sonia.

She had said she would try and sneak out! She had.. 🙂 I had gone up to the room service to tell him that I needed my Tea prepared in certain manner. He had gladly obliged and so had Sonia and Jatin enjoyed their cuppas. I had shared the fried stuff I had bought the last evening while traveling back to the resort after the wedding ritual to go back to the Salon again. It was the same stuff what Jatin had bought the 1st day when he had shown me around the town. I had loved them the moment I had sunk my teeth in them. I had wanted to buy a few more to feel “fed”.

It was uncanny to note that how the smallest of the wishes were being granted at that place.

They were gobbled down the food pipe faster than you could say- “what a breakfast!” Rains, savories, tea and friends.

Jatin had left for home after the tea. Sonia was left behind- so I could ready her up for the “1st day after the wedding day” ritual.


Checking the water temperature for her wash, drying her hair, draping the length, applying colors on face; I now know it all. How it must have been with a younger sibling around on her wedding. I even applied vermilion with a red eye- shade.

Then again, were we married in our previous birth?

The husband is supposed to do that the next day of his wedding to his woman!

I was to leave at 12.30 the same day at noon. I had not expected to see Sonia- much less spending till my last second with her! From 9- ish till 12-ish, we had chatted up about all things under the sun possible. I’ll be indebted to this girl and her man for all times to come. I haven’t really felt so taken care of in a long time. It didn’t feel that we hadn’t met for the last 2 years. Everything seemed so flowing and as if there was no gap of any time or anything else- for that matter!

Stealing a bear hug from Jatin and equally enormous one from Sonia, I had seen them off. Going back to my room, I had ordered for a cuppa. A cup was served to the driver too- he had reached when I was fighting it out with Jatin since he had paid all the room service charges… grrrr!! It didn’t feel lonely- I don’t usually, but then transition kills me mercilessly. I allowed it to stab me hard. It didn’t. Seemed that transition itself had left me for good.

Sending a text to Sonia on Jatin’s cell, I had boarded my car. It was cold and raining and beautiful. I only had to be careful to sit all covered up so I don’t get tapped by the nature.. 😉 Convenience isn’t a regular feature while travelling by road specially through villages. Moreso, telling the driver about it is more embarrassing. Thankfukky, I had managed fairly well. The whole of 4 hours it had rained. Infact, I had brought some with me. It had rained all over Gurgaon and Delhi before becoming sunny and cold.

While traveling back to my nest, I discovered that the new Me I had wanted myself to be had come Alive.

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4 Responses to On My Way to Rediscover Myself- IX

  1. ladynimue says:

    Stay so, stasy blessed dear 🙂
    I always love reading you .. you inspire me no end you know !
    And some day i want to meet you and i know its not so difficult considering how near you live 😉

    • Olivia says:

      🙂 hehe
      Apologies for a late response..

      Thank you for your wonderful words- I am all swelled up like stuffed up pigeons!!

      I would love to see you- err.. where do you live My Dear..?

  2. Scent of my heart says:

    Now that’s very good to hear, that the new you is Alive! Keep it that way, and travel often to feed your new you with beauty!

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