My childhood years are back

3rd December, 2010
Some time back, I had made a mention that I have witnessed pretty many miracles in my life time till now. I believe that these occur more times than we are able to register. We so tend to believe that we were plain lucky! Or fateful.. We just don’t wish to believe that these are the direct stances of our focus. It depends on our strength of wishes.

I am blessed to have witnessed one more of those just about a couple of hours ago.

After spending a little over 2 years of being a recluse, I started to write here in my Blog. Ever since, I have undergone a huge change within my ownself. Almost every other day, I now discover things about me that I never knew ever existed in me. I wasn’t this forgiving. I wasn’t so friendly either. I was giving alright, but kept myself distanced and was often labeled as rude. I believe that if something is to be done, it better be with all your heart. Often my heart would not be in it and I would end up avoiding it. Either I came across too many shallow people till now or maybe I hadn’t discovered this giving self of mine that is completely self- less. I now tend to love all and without any expectations. I am blessed that I have people around me who love me for what I am, how I am and As I am.

I had reached the verge of breakdown 3 years back. Then something happened and I started to write again. I then created my social profile on Facebook, after my fight with them to register me with my name- Single Name. I then found all the people I have been associated with at some or the other time. I could never smile so often back then. I have been much naughty and a happy go lucky girl; but had lost my “this” side to my growing up years. In those challenging years, I lost my friends too.

How my things were and I was, I had made none thereafter.

Sampada happens to be the only one who had made all the efforts to keep our friendship going. No matter what happened; she never let me slip away. She had never been the one throwing tantrums. No points for guessing- I am the one who is temperamental.

Parul happens to be my friend who almost grew up with me as my sister. We are poles apart in nature but got along well. She happens to be my “the childhood friend”. We knew each other since we studied in 1st standard, same school; different sections. I lost touch with her after a disaster, read: my marriage. Apparently, everything got screwed after I entered that relationship that can be best described as mistake.

She was so spontaneous and active that my mom almost couldn’t handle her. Then again, she has a history of not liking any of my friends. Sibling rivalry, envious.. or maybe overtly cautious.

The first thing that comes in my mind is her dainty figure, dusky complexion and the most infectious smile. She dances so well that she could make a career out of it! It is while with her that I experimented with cosmetics. She would give me those glittering gold nail colors at the time when India still painted theirs in browns and maroons only. I would- with pride, show off my small golden talons to everyone who would just not believe that

  • That was a nail color
  • That was Me..!!

Her relatives stayed in US. They had sent a Barbie doll for her. She had invited me over to her house in the evening. Barbie was sat in my lap! When the 2nd Barbie had arrived, she had wanted me to take that with me.

I couldn’t- MOM, what else!!

Anytime she would be sent those small plastic clips and bands, she would invite me over and let me pick the ones she thought were the best. Now I know why I never missed being with a sister in my childhood years. I had one in her, complimenting me in every possible manner.

I had searched everywhere around to locate her. The flat they stayed in was sold. The telephone numbers obviously changed. Cellphone wasn’t as common. Although I worked with Hutchison Essar, now Vodaphone, I had not owned a contact!

I found her back this afternoon.

What’s the big deal about this being a miracle- you may ask? So this is how it was. I had located a “certain name” in Facebook. I had posted a message- if Parul’s his sister. He had said a (I am glad) yes. I had then introduced myself and requested for her number. My internet connection was zapped since last afternoon. Once it had connected late last night, so I could chat with Sonia. The other time, it was this afternoon- only for long enough so I could copy her number on my cell phone keypad! The connection was not up till a couple of hours back. The net connection I have is through phone and that was disconnected until now. There are no words that can describe my elated state of mind right now.

I feel my life’s giving me all that back I had lost while growing up!

Perhaps, I was more than right when I said that I was about to hit a turning point in my Life. It had indeed a lot to do with attending this wedding!

This was the music playing on my system when I had started to write this post. My “true love” is my own self..!

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