It’s about time

Many new things have come up ever since I had wanted a few of those to hit me!

I feel that today, my complete perception process is undergoing a change. In return, it’s spinning a set of newer dimensions for me to walk upon. It was only recently that I had turned into a recluse. I had regarded myself as the disregarded. Not anymore! Instead, I am back to being my own self- how I was or I am or always have been- up until a few years back.

Things had hit me one after the other and I had slid my chirpy and creative self inside a shelf. I had accepted the passing phases as the permanent pillars. I had denied myself of every possible hope of becoming human again. I wasn’t ready to socialize or let someone else heal me. It all kept whirling inside my mind till I would be completely exhausted realizing that it din’t move even the 100th of a millimeter!

My greatest strength is the ability to communicate.

Medium could be any. I tend to express it in the manner that makes the conveyance most interesting. It remains a mysterious fact that I tend to express it the best, when I am disturbed. Things around me, may be highly disturbing; yet, I don’t seem to be affected really. I seem to be so balanced that even while talking about those, I may be doing it with as much re-fineness.

I see an effigy in stone.

After I have started to write about how its been since then, I have actually recreated myself in the process. Writing tends to re- invent you. If you know how to express, it kind of works for you as a publicity trick. So while I was busy typing my mind and experiences, the words had created the most beautiful spin that could hit me ever. It let me undestand my own self a little more. As a counter- balance, my mind then took the ride and let me read the situations and fore-comings well in advance.

There were times when I used to wish for one. Then came a time when I had said that I feel it touching me. Now is the time that I had been wanting to hit me since a last few months. I could hear the doppler of the these changes to come. Infact, when I think about it, it seems that this is how I had always wanted to be. Once again, it won’t be I alone celebrating my win; but this time around, the whole of Universe would join me to cheer me up!

A tiny speck of it has already touched my senses.

It’s all about re- creating my ownself. Like fitting all the zig- saw pieces into the maze to create a spellbound image. Or maybe a beautiful morning or a dreamy evening or maybe mystical moonlit night. Only the awakened ones can feel about the angels and spirits. For all others, it remains to be a fairy tale script. In the similar fashion, there would be goodies for everyone to enjoy. When I close my eyes thinking about it, I see many happy faces in a huge fair moving around and enjoying- blessing the one who designed and executed the concept.

Here I am- embracing the change with open wings- yes, I just grew those back. This time, they are humongous.

I now wish to fly high and away.. 🙂

About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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6 Responses to It’s about time

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  3. Olivia, glad to see you taking the bull by the horns. Life is often what we make if it, and while I would confess I have been doing a lousy job myself the last few weeks, hope springs eternal. Just wanted to drop by and say hello to a friend; it really makes everything easier just to know the kindness of others out in cyberland, Best of luck with your wings, if you ever fly in this direction, let me know! Talk to you sooner or later,


  4. Eric says:

    And so fly you shall, Olivia.
    (Have a pleasant flight!)

  5. Well you did get your animated background going after all. Nice work! John

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