Making Merry on Christmas

It’s the festival time of the year again!

Winters only mean that to me. I love this weather for all the right reasons. It brings forward so many occasions to celebrate- across all religions, all over the world. Some of the major festivals are celebrated right through the Fall, bringing together people of different races and cultures. No matter where you stay, with a shortened mode of travel and communication now-a-days, you are bound to get trapped making merry through most of the other festivals out of your family and faith.

This year, I would get to spend my holidays with my friend at her place, to chill through the winters.

I have celebrated Christmas as a festival for many a times till now. It was as if a silent dictate that I decorate the Christmas Tree at my work place with different organizations! My name maybe..? Doesn’t really matter- as long as I have fun playing with colors, decorating the place around and most importantly, make merry!

I love to get embedded in the spirits.

The last workplace where I met this girl, now my friend; I had sashayed around putting upon all the decoration stuff right on me! A tiara, a sash, bracelets; all glittering bands had wrapped me up like I was at Hawaii dance performance. I had forgotten all about my designation at work or even my troubles that had cast a wicked spell on my state of being then. The Training Manager had smiled and cheered me up for my spirits.. 🙂 Now think of how much better it would have been- had it been my own carefree self..

It’s been since very early age of my Life that this fest has been a part of my Annual Celebrations.

When little, maybe at 6 through 10, my immediate neighbors happened to be Christians. I am in touch with them again through FB. I eagerly awaited their fun cookies and cakes throughout the year..! I had attended a few masses with them too. In my 1st school- GFPS, where my immediate and other neighbors too had studied with me, I sang the carols every year. I still sing those. It is surprising that how I got to celebrate almost all the major festivals in some or the other way. Firstly, by singing the cultural songs and then also by actually making preparations for the fests..

I consider myself nothing short of being blessed when I sit to think about those!

Yet another reason to remember this date (25th December), happens to be my friend Mary. She was born today! She was my friend in my 2nd school- LIS. She had been so possessive and protective of me. Crazy me- someone help me- I don’t wish to cry again! I had lost all contacts with her through time. At the beginning of this month this year, I was able to trace her back- again. I knew I would find her- given the fact how we bumped into each other a couple of times since we passed out from High School in 1995. Wishing you a very very Happy Birthday Sweetheart.. xox

With festivals, comes the associated memories buried deep within my mind to draw the most disturbing patterns.

Ever since I have started to write, my thoughts have changed how they make me feel. I now keep typing my thoughts from my memory bank on to my Blog. That way, instead of brooding about the past “beautiful” stances, I now read them through over n over again. It feels nice, when readers from all across the globe, feel connected to me through my words, reading about my personal experiences and whims.

It feels wonderful to be able to write about how I feel.

After doing the greeting cards in my school for my girlfriends and their boyfriends, and then later for my girlfriends and boyfriends too, I now do it here for everyone around to see those. I so love to do up and adorn things. It’s a part of me that wants to beautify everything around me and otherwise as well. Festivals also bring the same- a mega opportunity to adorn and make- over.

Wishing you all a very Happy Holidays n Merry Christmas..

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Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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4 Responses to Making Merry on Christmas

  1. John Tripp says:

    Merry Christmas Olivia!

  2. 2zpoint says:

    I’m glad that you enjoy Christmas…it really seems to bring the best out in people here in Oklahoma. In traffic people might actually let you in, People hold doors open, and help one another a whole lot more. It makes me wish Christmas was year round just for those things. I hope that it warms others hearts as it has yours where you live…It sure couldn’t hurt any thing to have a little more kindness spread through the world. Merry Christmas Olivia…Have a smile or two on me, they don’t cost a thing,but they may make your world a little brighter just being there. Take care!

    • Olivia says:

      Gosh.. Reading your kind words, I ended up grinning like a fool!!
      haha.. you said it Sweetheart. We need to be warm hearted a little more often. All we tend to do is keep occupied and behave mean.. 😦
      I try to be as happy as possible almost every day.. sulking days excluded.. 😐

      Thank you so much for your wishes! Wishing you as well the same.. Make merry like never before.. smile, grin n laugh.. hohoho
      Love n wishes.. xox

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