Here I go again..

I am keeping so busy with friends, attending weddings and travel!

Remember, I told you how I feel there’s more to come..?

  • As if to compensate my becoming a recluse for over 2 years, I am socializing day and night now.

I hit the ground floor gate of my building at 5 in the morning! I had freaked out the whole of night at the cocktail party. If that’s not all, the wedding night, it was even an hour later that I had reached my home.. 🙂 C’mon, I am a grown up woman.. 😛 Besides, it was an Indian Traditional Wedding that I had attended to.. that’s right, it wasn’t intentional!

  • I had stopped attending weddings after having attended my own.. 😐

I had not attended a single one since 2003. Just could not. Situational compulsions. Here I am. I attended 2 weddings within 3 weeks. Almost all the ceremonies and associated functions were included.

  • It was after a long time that I had freaked out.

Although not a very favorable one; yet, my situation now is some what stable. A celebration was due big time. I have been doing exactly that for a few months now.. 😀

I am on road once again.. travelling to Jodhpur. Train is not my choice of travel, air- travel.. huh.. let’s not dig that can of worms.  I am all set to travel by road to reach at an untapped destination in Rajasthan again- oh yeah..!!

The last time I had traveled to (Alwar in) Rajasthan, I had made a wish of touching the desert. I haven’t seen one excepting on Telly. This time- I would for sure.

That’s not all..

In December of 1997, Ruby had made me travel from my home to her place. That one travel and stepping out had changed my then current Life completely. It was entirely a different world that I had then stepped in. The mundane destiny that I was serving to helplessly was erased.

Blatantly. Abruptly. Completely.

It’s December of 2010. I (again) need to break away from my current state of not exactly helplessness but then- nothing short of that either. I do things where I see there’s more coming with it. When forced to comply otherwise- wherein I don’t see much influence happening on my future course of life, I tend to go morose. The look of a thousand year old witch dawns upon my otherwise Diana face. I am both eager and anxious too, waiting to see what is coming my way this time around.

It has all the signs.

I wish to feel the heat of it exactly how a barely clothed girl would feel the chill, standing while its snowing with her arms opened. I wish to smile how she would, feeling victorious for having been able to sneak out. I want the snow to caress me; touch me through every pore, making me feel prickly all over.

I am not an anti- social.

This particular phase (of seemingly never ending socializing) is what I have earned being my ownself. Isn’t the fact strange- how in today’s time whereby no one cares about anyone; I am being accepted and exactly the way I am? Doesn’t it say a lot about how I am? Or about the people who are now trying to appreciate what they are reading in me?

I don’t mean my blog here- or maybe that!

My writing definitely has created the primary set of spins on whirl. Those have definitely given birth to the secondary ones. Renewed friendships, are a resultant of that. Now the tertiary spins have started to whirl.

A few more ripples and a major cosmic bang is ready to blow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Blue stroller has my clothes n woolens. The smaller black one has all my make- up, gadgets and utilities.. One of the paper bags has my Sony Walkman n cassettes, the other one my food (multi- grain bread sandwiches, boiled eggs, peanuts n my “signature” yellow rice). The black poly has my drinking water. Some extra water is also packed for washing hands and face!! That white big poly has my shoes. Control freak..? That’s Me.. 🙂 Yes, the veggies are also travelling with me.

Last minute Edit: Just before hitting my bed for the last time, for a few weeks to come- only for a couple of hours; I noticed a Pigeon feather inside my sport shoes. It was washed a couple of months back and dried too, only for the laces to be put. Strange of that small baby feather to have been sitting inside. Are the birdies too blessing me..? I told you, it has all the signs!

I leave now for my trip to Jodhpur!


Desert Dear, here I come..

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Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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5 Responses to Here I go again..

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  2. I’m so glad things are picking up for you. And, Olivia, I’m so impressed that you have learned to do the slide-show thing. If I ever get another camera, I will have to learn to do that. Well done, my girl.

    Take it easy .. by the by, I love pigeons to. So did my father. His showroom was on the seventh floor in the rag (read clothing manufacturing) district in New York. Back in those days, buildings in cities actually could be opened. They weren’t sealed like they are today. His window sill was always busy with pigeons, which he fed religiously. Peanuts.

    Enjoy your life … Thinking of you always … Even when I don’t stop by. Have been busy – mustly in-and-out of ER and doc’s offices lately. But, on the mend and back to business.

    Hugs –

    • Olivia says:


      One may call me senile but I have observed these birdies pretty closely to say that they do work towards achieving what I have been desiring!! I feel they communicate with me. Often I dream of these beaked ones indicating/warning about things those come to life the same day..!!

      I so understand your being occupied.. Wishing you a speedy recovery My Dear. You add a brilliant sparkle in the blogosphere and also to my blog. I know what you mean since I too keep thinking of you. That’s how a connection should be- beyond words and every other expression..

      Hugs n kisses

  3. frayedges says:

    I did the same thing Olivia. After being isolated for 2 years because of joblessness and sickness, I have been socializing nonstop, which is why you haven’t seen much of me. It sounds like your trip will be grand. Happy holidays!

    • Olivia says:

      Thank you so much for your wishes Dearest Friend.. 🙂
      I am going through the same phase myself!! I don’t care much how one would want to think about me.. All I know is to stay blissful n blessed..

      I totally understand this- grandest of wishes n Love xox

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