My Jodhpur Travel Pics- I

I dared to travel by road a stretch of 13 hours.

I had traveled from Gurgaon- Palam Vihar to Jodhpur on 21st December, 2010. This was when the Gujjar agitation riots were at their peak! The situation was so bad that the railway tracks were removed.

Just before picking up the Highway Road to Jodhpur, there was a traffic situation which stretched for 10 kilometres to both sides of the train tracks. Instead of halting and wasting hours, I had taken a de-tour from within the adjoining villages.

I had started at 4.55am. It was freezing cold. I was not only well covered, but also carried the hot water bag inside my shawl.

About the pics

I had contemplated clicking the moon for 2 good hours. No sooner I had clicked my Love 😉 , it had disappeared!

Most of the clicks were shot from the 120km/hour speeding car.

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Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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