Looking back at 2010

I haven’t been so contented- as I have been this year, since a long time now!

Almost like self- contained. Friends, cozy time, love and laughter; all such ingredients have been pouring on me like how it’s been snowing in UK. Only it started with me right through the Fall!

This year brought upon a Spiritual Evolution in me.

I had been spiritually inclined since my early childhood days. This time around, I have been able to initiate practicing some virtues as well. I do have my own book of guidelines. I have edited the contents so as to hold some balancing virtues as well. Virtues, those are now balancing my Karmas. I have en-grained those values as a part of my very nature.

My thoughts were morphed into pleasant realities.

I could see my “wishes” turning into dream like hallucinating experiences. This year, a lot of things materialized how I had always wanted them to. Some of them were as primitive as 25 years old. I was able to start writing again in form of blogging. I have located almost all my childhood friends. I have asked for apology wherever I felt I have been not good, forgiving just about everyone..

  • Inner contentment
  • Friends- long lost!
  • Balancing of quite a few past stances
  • Able to write again
  • A little bit of travel
  • Some celebrations
  • Self- realization
Realizations hit me like lightning thunder.

I experienced how practicing of certain values have liberated me. Some of the things I had held against my mom; I realized how the very things helped me shape up my Life when I was deep, down and under.

Some of my Karmas have gotten balanced.

Perhaps that’s why, whenever I make a wish, it’s granted- however small or big it maybe with a smaller wait time! Some bigger ones are in the queue now.. 🙂

I am no more a recluse.

I now socialize and move around.  I don’t worry sick of getting judged. I don’t give a damn to it. I am the way I am. If they aren’t comfortable, they need to shift their places.

I am not afraid to lose anymore.

This year, I had few of my friends come over for a visit and stay. There are still a few who have all the time to move everywhere around excepting for accepting my invitation. Like I said- nevermind them. For now, I am being like a vortex transversed. It doesn’t bother anymore if I would be able to carry on with them or if they would want to move on and such. I have accepted the fact that not all of us are as thoughtful and sentimental as I am.

I expect no more.

Neither do I hold myself back. I don’t sulk anymore. I have always been kind of scared and somewhat skeptical too. Although still a bit choosy, I now hold no more. I don’t expect any return of any favor or gesture any more. I let them be as they wish to be.

I have forgiven all.

Every single human being included. I hold no grudge against anyone. Whatsoever.

I am still battling with “not expecting” from friends or people around.

I sulk no end when I feel I am being ignored- doesn’t matter the excuse. Reasons are only that.

I have dawned upon my attitude of “never giving a damn” yet again.

I am not yet a careless but definitely a carefree one.

I try and blog as much as I can.

I feel my energies are being channelized in much better manner this way. I have adopted this unique way of communicating with the whole world for want of a single dedicated relationship. I don’t want any to strike me now either.

I am now all set to welcome the New Year with as much Enthusiasm and cheer as never before..
The next year will be mine!


About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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4 Responses to Looking back at 2010

  1. Chloe says:

    This is such a positive post Olivia – and I’m SOOoo pleased for you that 2010 was such a great year for you. It sounds like you have done a LOT of self-exploration this past year – and that you liked what you found. I agree with you, if other people don’t like that, that’s THEIR problem.

    Olivia, my friend, I sincerely hope that 2011 continues to be as fantastic as you are!

    Lots of love,
    Chloe xx

  2. Artswebshow says:

    It sure will.
    Have a happy new year

  3. Kim Nelson says:

    Your year seems to have been wonderful. And now, you are blessed to continue the wonder into the next. Happiness to you!

  4. Sorry it’s been so long, I keep meaning to leave you a comment but keep forgetting. (That describes my life as well…lol) Glad it was such a great year for you. Everyone should get at least one crack at the golden cup. Whatever your spiritual inclination, it has been great getting to know you & reading your writing. Keep it up in the coming year! Hope all is well, take care,


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