Welcome 2011

It’s been drizzling for the past few days..

It’s December of 2010. If at all, it should have been eerily foggy, chilling and silent. This time, it’s a lot more than that. It’s been raining in and around where I live in Gurgaon.

It is soggy, like one of those ghost movie backdrop; today being slightly sunny as I write this here. Then again, in no time, it becomes cloudy and dark! I practically count the number of days left to hit winters.. I wish it was this weather- year around. Winters don’t make me feel gloomy or morose or wasted.

Instead, I become chirpier!

  • One can wear as many colorful outfits without having to worry about shocking the onlookers- not that I really care.. 🙂
  • Huge overcoats in all colors possible.. remember, I love colors?
  • Matching mittens, socks, stoles, caps..
  • I tend lose weight- naturally.. hehehe
  • Makeup won’t become gooey.
  • Sun won’t make my head greasy in a wink.
  • Right temperature to stay in kitchen n cook. I so love to cook..
  • Some year long awaited trips to SN, Dilli Haat and wherever else. Sun makes me feel sick and so, I stay indoors perched in front of my a/c unit.
  • Alright, the list is endless.

For the last few times during this time of the year; this is what I have been doing. Enjoying my evenings with KFC Chichen, Vodka and a Wengers Cake (Do you see that Ring adorning my head..?) Mouth watering desserts make me drool my tongue out like an ever hungry canine!

I had gone to CP to collect my goodies.

I also ask for some extra nuts- c’mon, woon’t you love that little extra icing? Along with the cake, comes some chocolates too- so nice of that guy at Wengers. The KFC happens to be in the same building and block as Wengers. This time around, I also bought a few patties that that place is so famous for. Some Vodka and Sprite was bought from the local market around my home.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I consider myself to be blessed that my trip was cut short un- expectedly. Otherwise, I would have had to wait for yet another complete year to enjoy cold, cake and chicken.. !! If only whatever happened, had happened a little later; I would have lost a golden opportunity to make merry. Perhaps, I have become awakened. How else things could once again, turn around in my favor- resulting in this mini-cozy-celebration affair; in this manner?

Besides all my friends and contacts, I also thank:

  • Blaga for her wonderful gift.
  • Jamie for making me a winner.
  • Gayle and Pat for helping me understand things about spirituality some more.. 🙂
  • And everyone else who come and read me- just so often..

I am all set to Welcome 2011 through the New Year eve!! Wishing you all a warm winter evening.

Wishing you all a very Happy, Prosperous and Colorful New Year..

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About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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6 Responses to Welcome 2011

  1. Chloe says:

    Looks like quite a feast!! 😀 Love you lots Olivia xx

  2. Scent of my heart says:

    Best wishes Olivia in anything you do! Smiles!

  3. A beautiful way to reflect upon the year that’s past and embrace the promise of today. Love and blessings to you, Olivia.

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