Wishing myself a Beautiful 2011

Only half hour is left as I start to type this post.

It was on an impulse that I started to write this here. A fleeting thought crossed my mind- would I want to hold this year when it’s only some minutes left for it to roll over to next year- New Year..?

This year liberated me and uplifted my state of being through brooding and writing.

I simply started to Blog– that was one good Sunday.. 🙂

I also transversed from being a recluse- almost side- by- side..

“Finding” almost all of my friends back on FB, I feel myself on top of the world. I got to meet most of my outstation friends including Ruby too, in 2010.

One of my fave birds, a pigeon had come to wish me personally on my birthday..

I have settled all my grievances with many of them.

There was no relevance why I should have held those grudges against them. I decided to and then left it at that. I also looked out for people to tender my apologies. There were stances wherein I just couldn’t do much. Then again, we always have choices to make. So finding my ex- manager Swati back and asking for apologies; ticked a pointer off my TO- DO LIST.

I also went out see a prospective groom, almost entered an affair with yet another morose.. lolss

I traveled to newer places.

Attended Weddings..

I also got to leave one my biggest inhibitions behind.

Of travelling on train, at night, all by myself with huge luggage bags, making all the reservations on spot in almost curfew like situation.. reaching home safe and in one piece grinning like a fool. I thank you that special some one who made this all happen in such a rush that I barely had the time to think and feel scared. It was as beautiful a journey as it could be- one another post would have to say it all.

I am now sipping Tea that Blaga has sent me. Isn’t it quite strange how people do care for..? Nopes, no brooding for now..

I am sat composed, thinking of the rocks I stepped on to- to shine and smile.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I wish myself a very happening and Bright 2011.

Edit: I observed this later- It’s 00.04 when this posted- I had started to write on 31st December, 2010 @ 23.23.. What a beautiful co- incidence..!! It couldn’t have been any better. My first text comes from none other than Ruby at 00.20 and then we talked.. I got to gmail chat with Sanjukta..

About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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18 Responses to Wishing myself a Beautiful 2011

  1. Chloe says:

    Awesome photos – thanks for sharing !! 🙂 xx

  2. Scent of my heart says:

    May you have a wonderful 2011 Olivia, you deserve it! I love the photos! Cute face :)!

    • Scent of my heart says:

      Glad to hear you like the tea…

      • Olivia says:

        Like it..? I so loved the flavor, n the mug n the cards n the magnet.. Why aren’t you around so we could do this more often.. greedy me.. 😀

        Thank you.. I am floating now.. thud- I bang my head on the roof again!

        I am still thinking what to pick up for you as a return gesture!! I’ll step out in a week or two once the weather becomes bearable. I’ll try to look for something that you would appreciate.

        Love xxx

  3. ladynimue says:

    Happy new year 2011 !! and now off to write you a short mail ..

  4. azfree says:

    Happy Beautiful New Year to you!

  5. Eric says:

    Nice to finally see some of pictures, although not nearly enough.
    (Especially in the short skirt you posted about!) 😉

    A very happy New Year to you!

  6. Jingle says:

    Happy New Year..

    lovely slide shows.
    take good care, you deserve the best.

  7. Bodhirose says:

    I wish you a very happening and bright 2011 too, Olivia!

    Not quite New Years here yet–we have a ways to go. My brother’s birthday is on January 1–we will celebrate with him tomorrow as he is visiting us this year.

    Love you…
    Gayle xoxo

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