Re- Define

Definitions take half the fun out of it, when you are just about to create some thing.

Nothing seems to be as free flowing as we would have loved those to be. Instead of that, infact, more as a mundane ruling- these definitions sit gnawing at the very existence of any idea. Not the thresholds, but these seem to be etching the limitations!

We seem to get strangely baffled with the mere idea of breaking away, break lose and break free..

There- I said it. We love to walk the beaten paths, creating obsolete patterns- setting up skewed up illustrations for others to follow- almost like there were no choices. What are we so scared of?

  • The experiment..?
  • Outcome..?
  • Criticism..?
  • Failure..?

We tend to think of everything else, other than what would please us. We only do what we have watched others doing while growing up. Killing our fancy and show ourselves to be more contented outwardly, while our inner self may have lost its identity and leading a shallow existence. That way, atleast you are not left out- or so you may want yourself to believe in..!

I have been stoned more times than I can remember- for having chosen the off- beat track. Even though it’s been years that people have observed me, they still feel I am missing out on “real” life. It pinches them when they see me jumping high n low with joy- all by myself! Their pride would never let them admit that they are envious of my state of being. I may sound arrogant- so be it. People wanting to argue with me, when feeling quite agreed upon with me- innerwards; also do so with undeniable and almost undefeated arrogance.

They seem to miss the point that in denial to bend, they will eventually break up into two or even pieces! In order to keep up with the norms, they often end up making abnormal adjustments.

I scream- what for..?

At the fag end, you would realize and often, forced to live with the fact that neither you, nor others around you are contented. If at all, you become the centre of the the whole conspiracy. Yes, that’s what it is. A dirty conspiracy to tear your personna down. More often than not, it is you who step into it..

The definitions, instead of being only a guiding “indication”; often sets the very “formation” to deform you, your desires and even your own self inwards-ly..

Let not any other definition define you- be yourself and take pride in saying so.

About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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